Da Vinci Code Term Paper

Vinci Code Term Paper:

Da Vinci Code is the novel written by the American journalist and writer Dan Brown in 2003. Da Vinci Code is the continuation of the previous successful Dan Brown’s novel Angels and Demons which was published in 2000. Da Vinci Code became an international bestseller at once, because the question of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail has always bothered the Christian world.

The novel was translated into 44 languages and is supposed to be the most successful novel of the decade. In fact, the novel is severely criticized by the church, because it presents controversial and even shocking ideas which influence the Christian world negatively. The main theme of the book is reveal of the possible relation of Jesus and Mary as a couple who probably could have been married and the royal dynasty of France can derive from this marriage.

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The novel is written in the form of the intellectual detective thriller and the attitude of the church was easy to predict. In spite of numerous historical inaccuracies the book was highly praised in the literary world, because the author managed to compose an interesting and thought-provoking plot which touches upon the most interesting topic of religion and art. No wonder, the novel rewarded Dan Brown with great sums of money, which are even higher than the books about Harry Potter which are considered to be the cult among the modern young people. Da Vinci Code has a screen version which was released in 2006 and was an instant success among critics and the general public.

Da Vinci Code is an interesting and controversial novel and one of the brightest examples of the successful and quality contemporary literature. In order to prepare a good term paper on Da Vinci Code one should read the novel itself and watch the screen version of the book in order to be able to compare the book and the movie professionally. One should explain the theme and ideas of the novel, give a psychological image of the characters and define their role in the book. Finally, one is expected to evaluate the importance of the novel for the modern literature and explain its popularity in the world.

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