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Poor family time

happy moments

It was just 30 minutes after our family had taken supper. We were now storytelling, enjoying how we had struggled in the last decade and celebrating the progress we have made in life. Sure it was a nice feeling to see that we had achieved a lot. Our life in the last decade was that of a poor family, we had no good clothes, we went without meals, and we never had a good house. We lived in a slum. Personally, I was so much affected as my friends could my friends could make fun off where I came from.  Then all over sudden, my sister, Eileen, reminded us of something that happened nearly five years ago. Then we all got scared. How Could Eileen just remind us of the sad story when we were all celebrating and enjoying. 

happy family

Eileen reminded us of how we’re storing after we had dinner five years ago then we had gunshots from outside. We all freaked out. My father, elder brother and I got out looking what was happening. After role, we were the only boys the family had. We were supposed to protect the family. While we were outside, all the lights went off. There was the blackout. All I can remember was everybody was running for his life as there were random gunshots. I ran as fast as possible headed to my room. I went directly to my room and hid for about an hour. I got out when the situation outside had come down. Everybody was back expecting my brother. We all got scared. When we got out, we saw his body lying in a pool of blood. That was five years ago. During that moment of silent as we recalled the incident, we had another gunshot outside. We had gunshots and this time it was so close to our door. We were so terrified. Everybody was terrified. We ran to our rooms.

Happy birthday day

The following morning was my birthday. I woke up at five so that I could prepare for the day. I had invited a group of friends, and therefore everything had to be ready. I went to the kitchen and prepared all the food stuffs that were necessary. I was done by eight. All of my family members were awake by then. I joined them in the dining room for the breakfast. My mother was the first to wish me the happy birthday. Everybody sang happily for me. I enjoyed the moment.

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At 11, all of my friends were at my place. We started storytelling. I narrated to them how we were scared yesterday following the gunshots. At 1, we decided to go to the forest to have a cool breeze at the river bank. It was a nice spot. When we reached the river bank, we had some;screams coming from the south. We all kept silent to get to know what was happening. The sound was of Antony, my best friend, who was also coming to my birthday. We all got scared. We ran to the direction where the screams were coming from. We saw a snake chasing him. Immediately, my friend, Oscar, had a gun on him, got it out and shot the snake. We were all relieved. Thanks to Oscar as he always carries his licensed gun;wherever he goes. I ran to him and hugged him together with my friend Arnold.

family picnic