Healthcare Technologies – Term Paper

New technology in healthcare

Data management and access is one type of technology that supports the health care system. Before the introduction of this type of technology, most of the data in the health care sectors were being stored manually. As such, it led to inefficiencies as some of the patients records were being misplaced making it had for the doctors to examine the past history of that patients. The introduction of data management and access made it possible for the nurses to effective store all the patients’ records in a secure system (Crooks, 2009). In addition, it made it possible for patients all over the country to access to different types of data related to health care. As such, when a person feels that he/she needs medical help, the person can check the system to identify some of the symptoms that is related to specific disease. In addition, the numbers of the nearby doctors are also included in the data management system that allows the patient to contact them in case of an emergency.

Network and data communication is another type of technology used in the health care setting. This type of technology allows the sharing of information between two health care organizations. In the past, it was difficult for doctors to communicate with each other regarding the health condition of patients unless they met physically. However, network and data communication helps in outlining some of the best ways that could be used in treating a patient with a particular illness. In addition, medical workers are able to have access to millions of health care data at any time. They only need to log in to a particular site where they would research on various types of data related to health care. This had led to improve efficiency when it comes to the health care. Network and data communication also allows the interaction of doctors from different parts of the world. In some cases, the doctors may not be familiar with a particular illness and would want to get more clarity from another doctor in a different country (Ferguson, 2011). As such, they would only require using this type of data communication system. 

It is important for senior health care leadership to possess a basic understanding of the two supporting technologies. First, the senior health leaders tend to represent the organization to the public. As such, in the event that there is a system breakout, they would be ones responsible to explain to the public reading that issues. In that light, the public are likely to lose confidence in them when they found out that they have no ideas of how the technology operates (Morris, 2009). Also, they need to possess basic information about the two technologies because they relate to communication which is part of their work. They need to be skilled in all types of communication technologies so as to get the lasted information for the benefit of the organization. 

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In conclusion, for effective communication to be enhanced in the health care system, the senior health leaders must be able to understand the basic concepts of the system and not to depend on their juniors for advice. It would show incompetency on their side. Also, the juniors might take that advantage to misuse the health care resources without the knowledge of the senior’s leaders. 


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