What Role Nurse Manager Plays in Healthcare Reengineering – Term Paper

Nursing leadership mainly involves putting the interests of one’s patients at heart and closely working closely with other healthcare providers with the aim of improving the patient’s care as well as enhancing the performance of other healthcare providers (Fagin, 2000). The various responsibility of every nurse manager is acting as the role model of other nurses so that they can emulate him or her, presenting information and the required information when need be as well as championing for the aspirations of patients and healthcare establishments among other key roles. In order to motivate the output of a healthcare facility, a nurse manager has to show the concern for the expectations and goals of other healthcare givers and the setting of the healthcare facility (Dochterman et al., 1997). For a nurse manager to show this, he or she has to establish an output model which comprises of authority power and influence.

Therefore, a nurse manager should use more of influence and less power and authority so as to achieve the best output in any healthcare organization. Additionally, a nurse manager has to take care of motivation, persuasion as well as the ability to negotiate and appreciate others so as to be successful in re-engineering the process of health care provision. Also, nursing leaders have to adopt a three- way approach so as to establish a compassionate healthcare setting. The approaches that can be employed ay include leading other healthcare providers from the front, nurturing other healthcare providers by instruction as well as developing professional ties with other health care facilities so as to re-engineer the health care provision services at his or her facility (Kelley et al., 2000). When it comes to services delivery, the nurse managers have to inspire a shared vision among all the healthcare providers, delegate duties as well as shaping and motivating others to achieve greater limits when it comes to delivering their services.