Improving the Healthcare System in UAE – Term Paper

Introduction to Healthcare System Essay

By 2021, the UAE seeks to become a world-class healthcare hub the entire MENA region. To accomplish this vision a strategy has been put in place to ensure that the country’s health sector is on the right path to achieving it. For instance, the key performance indicator is in place to measure and ensure realization of this achievement.  Moreover, according to (Vision2021 report), the country was at position 28 globally in regards to the provision of quality health care. Additionally, the ratio of health physicians per 1000 population stood at 2.53 for every 1000 people and 3.16 nurses for every 1000 population. In line with this vision, our organization will attempt to realign our current policy as well as formulating new ones that focus on providing quality health care. Using various models to identify problems and showing all the different aspects when implementing a transformation change at an organizational level. The paper uses ASK SIR L and PERMA models to identify key issues, implement a change of strategy and show the impact of the model on the human resource while benchmarking World class excellent models.

The goal is to provide quality health care that is patient centered and in turn create loyalty among the patient. However, there are some shortcoming that this paper seeks to address them. For instance, there is an issue of containing the cost of health care services in the UAE healthcare sector.  The nature of care given to the patient is important, especially when it comes to reputation. The patient should be able to come back for more or alternatively spread the good reputation to the rest of the public (Porter, and Teiberg, 2006). The idea is to create an atmosphere where a doctor takes their time to listen to the patients and try to establish issues such as lifestyle, culture, family history and family history and formulate a method that would be the best remedy for the patient and leave a lasting impression to the patient.


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