Locked-in Syndrome – Term Paper

Duty Disability

During the first 15 minute, I conveyed the message to my partner through blinking an eye. I informed my partner about what I was undergoing. At first, I told him that it was my wish to live like other people. For instance, I felt that my brain is okay, though I could not perform any duty. Also, through blinking, I explained my condition to my partner.

During the exercise, I had several feelings. At first, I had a problem while breathing. In this case, I experienced difficult while trying to breathe in and out. I also experienced a problem while trying to swallow food. As a result, I was assisted by my partner to take food. In addition, I experienced a problem while salivating. I also experienced a problem of abnormality of the voice. In this case, I experienced difficulties while trying to communicate because I could only blink my eye.

There are several things that I wanted from my partner. At first, I needed some form of physical therapy.  In this case, I wanted my partner to use mechanical force to facilitate my movements around. In addition, I needed nutritional care from my partner. It was difficult to feed myself, so my partner had to feed me. I also needed comfort care from my partner. At that 15 minute period, I needed someone to take care of me because I was too week to take care of myself. I also needed speech assistance from my partner. I was unable to communicate except blinking my eyes. Therefore my partner had to act as the speech therapist. Lastly, I needed my friend to assist me from developing systematic complications such as respiratory infections.

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