Heroin Effects – Term Paper

 Globally, there has large experience when it comes to the growing and upcoming problems in relation to the prescription of pain relievers and the abuse of heroine in different countries, across the globe. The abuse and an increasing number of individuals who are getting addicted to Opioids such as morphine, heroine, and the prescription painkillers is a big global challenge that has a great effect on health, economic welfare and social challenges in all societies. Basically, it has been estimated that approximately thirty-six million individuals are prone to abuse Opioids (Goldberg, 2013). Considering the statistical performance around two million individuals in united states are suffering and going through a serious health problem as a result of disorders that are related to the prescription of Opioid pain relievers, additionally, the number of those who are using heroin actually increased in the year two thousand and thirteen by a population of four hundred and sixty seven thousand (Goldberg, 2013).

Technically, a heroine is an opioid analgesic; this content is generally powerful more than any product of its kind, and medically it has been applied in most major surgeries and scientific operations when it comes to managing pain during the whole process. In most medical surgeries that are taking place worldwide on a daily basis. It has been identified and even recommended by qualified doctors, that heroine has played a helpful role when it comes to the successful management of most operations and surgeries. Additionally, considering the basic fact that heroine is anticholinergic which in its context content that slows down fluid movement which is essential in holding the body and a slowdown in the body secretion (Ghodse, 2010). Although the trigger on the slowdown of fluid movement is dangerous, it is at the same time essential since the applicability can be experienced during the intestinal surgeries that demand the use of environmental procedures. In medical and surgery sector, the heroine has been an important driver in ensuring effective and successful operation.

Scientifically, the heroine has been proved to act as a backup when it comes to increasing the confidence of a normal human being, those who have low self-confidence can basically, rely on heroin and methadone in raising their confidence. Notably, this is able to give them a sense of security to handle some of the physical emotional tasks they are not able to manage without the use of heroine. Considering the availability of heroin in the street its, availability has been identified to be much cheaper and easier when it’s come to its acquisition than the ordinary painkillers for managing pain. In comparison to other painkillers, the heroine can be used by the obsessed when it comes to reducing weight; this is one of the helpful natures that this type of substance can offer. Basing our major focus on heroin and other prescribed drugs, a lot of advantages and disadvantages has been experienced by individual using them, the social relation, health performance and even the economic performance of both individuals and the society as a whole. Not forgetting the generality when it comes to the impact of prescription of Opioid pain relievers , due to their availability and fair prices, that is associated with the drugs, much healing to the individuals who are using them have been experienced with high level of reduced human suffering to the individuals using them (Wainwright, 2016).  With the scientific realization and proof, the actual balance that exists between the provisions of the optimum relief from the existing suffering, while in the long run reducing the associated risk and adverse effects have been experienced.

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Relatively, with all the good help that is associated with prescription of Opioids like heroine, a negative impact has been associated with the prescription of Opioids. Due to the availability and fair prices that are related to this drug, a negative growing impact has been experienced, specifically when it comes to the bad health report recorded by the users and the disruption of mortality rate. Most individuals have come to abuse and even end up destroying their lives since the prescribed drugs such as Americans are cheap and available, with the united states recording highest amount of population using heroine, a lot of youthful lives has been destroyed, with many youthful populations giving hope in their lives and later joining gangs which commit a lot of bad crimes in the united states of America. This is a disaster and a great enemy to the youths are the major populations of most countries; most deaths have also been experienced when it comes to the prescription of Opioids with increasing use of heroin and cocaine, the overdose of this drugs, which is sometimes as a result of addiction and the intention to reduce pain, in the long run lead to strange deaths and even an increasing number of those who are dying because of these drugs (Brick & Erickson, 2013). Basing the use on medical and nonmedical purposes, there has been the high level of dangerous addiction and some are combining the heroine pills with alcohol, some are taking more pills; this in the long run causing more chronic pain with the additional weak immune system.

Notably, some disorders have been largely experienced by most of the individuals who are depending on heroine as a result of consistent addictions. Some of the individuals basically go mad and others experience a very poor judgment which at all, is not helpful when it comes to job productivity and even to day to day social relation. Many individuals end up becoming useless people to the society, with the great level of irresponsibility cries from the families which are associated with the addicted individuals. Some of the complications that is resulted to the use of addiction and overdose of heroin and other prescribed drugs include, damage to nerve cells in the brain, which in the long run causes poor judgment issues, spinal cords associated problems, serious problems in the gastrointestinal tract and complication of other essential organs in the body such as damage of the liver, high blood pressure as a result of poor performance and the damage of the heart (Brick & Erickson, 2013).

 Lastly , the opioid drugs are able to induce the tendency of tolerance, making an individual to no longer respond to other drugs and even the same drug as he strongly used to do so in the past. This is also as a result of desensitization of the nervous system and even the brain system. In the long run, the patients who are going through chronic pain are not able to effectively manage the pain that they are going through. Sadly, some of the heroin addicts who typically, get the injection through intravenous means have been linked with the transmission of Hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.


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