How To Train Others At Work – Term Paper

Training and instructions

Acme Widget Factory and its successors wish to contest the following penalties and citations with the Area Director: 

a) Citation 2 Item 1  Type of Violation: Wilful 

Failure to undertake air sampling to determine if the company exposed the employees to lead during its welding operations. 

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b) Citation 2 Item 2a  Type of Violation: Wilful 

Inability to train employees who work on-site casting lead alloys as well as failure to inform employees about the content of materials they were working on. The company also made workers work in an area that had potential exposure to airborne lead. 

c) Citation 1 Item 9 Type of Violation: Serious  

Failure to provide employees with formal training and instructions pertaining the use and operation of a powered industrial truck. 

d) Citation 1 Item 10 Type of Violation: Serious

Exposing employees to electrical shock hazards while operating equipment.

The Information That I Will Use to try and accomplish the Goal

I will use information on the company’s financial records to contest the hefty fines on imposed on the Citation 2 Item 1 and Citation 2 Item 2a arguing that the corporation is undergoing financial hardship and cannot be able to raise the penalty fee and propose that is lowered. 

I will use information on appropriate training and scheduling procedures to seek an elongation of the period provided to abate Citation 1 Item 9. While contesting the company will state that the time provided is inadequate to abate the violation. Also, it will use information on laws on wiring procedures to dispute whether a breach occurred. 

Information that I will take to the Meeting

I will take the company’s financial records which will include income statements, statement of financial position as well as cash flow statements. The report of the financial situation will contain information on the company’s assets liabilities and equity. The income statement will include information on the profits and losses, as well as expenses incurred in its operations. The cash flow statement will contain information about bank balances over a period (Healy and Palepu 2012). 

I will also take information on appropriate training procedures and schedules for employees. The report will detail training schedules and timetables detailing a suitable amount of time that the human resource department, the department in charge of education and development should allocate to a particular activity, for instance, practical lessons, lectures, and computer learning (Fee, 2014). 

I will also present information pertaining safe and allowed wiring techniques as stipulated by the Unites States Department of Labor. The report will detail wiring methods, general requirements that apply to all organizational appliances and electrical equipment. The company will specifically refer to the United States Department of Labor publication on acceptable wiring techniques documented by Campbell and Dini (2016) in research on the causes of electrical injuries. 

Persons that will accompany me to the Meeting 

The company will send three individuals to the Informal Conference. I as the business proprietor will lead the delegation. Persons that will accompany me to the meeting will include the company’s Chief Financial Officer and the Human Resource Manager. The rationale for picking these individuals is based on the fact that they representatives of the areas that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration provided a citation and a penalty as well as the fact that they are in a position to provide information to support the company’s claims. 


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