How To Write A Biography Sample – Term Paper

Sample of personal biography essay

As a software engineer at Netcracker Technology Solutions Limited, I focus on various ways to complete my assignments. I joined this job nearly 26 months ago under the campus placement program, and I have experienced tremendous vertically growth throughout this period. However, despite honing these technical skills, I have not experienced any significant horizontal growth; lack of leadership skills. For instance, although I am a good team player, I failed to lead a team when I had the chance. I could not harmonize the diverse opinions and decisions of different team members. I therefore wish to harness my leadership skills during this MBA program to enable me to achieve my career aspirations.

My short term goal is to become the product manager at the end of the program. I set out this as my short term goal considering that I have been able to work on different products lines. The experience gained here enabled me to develop a strong sense of product ethos. Thus, these coupled with my interests logically converge into my interest in product management within the organization.  

On the other hand, I have a vision of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Since childhood, I have always exuded passion in finding economically feasible solutions to diverse problems. However, entrepreneurship is a very competitive field that requires inter-disciplinary knowledge and skills. These are not limited to marketing competencies, technical know-how, business acumen and financial prudence. Therefore, I am convinced that ISB, with its vast academic resources, brilliant faculty, practical learning approach, perfect location and diverse professional background, will present me with essential requirements and critical networks necessary to accomplish this long term career ambition. 

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