Human Resources Samples – Term Paper

Terminating employees

A manager is someone entrusted with running a company or an organization. He is entrusted with all the available resources including people, time and money. According to Jay Gordon, a successful manager should possess the following qualities: 

Focused. He should be objective and work towards achieving set goals. In this regard, planning and prioritizing issues should be on top of his list. A focussed person will work hard to ensure that all his goals are met.

Disciplined. Discipline starts from an individual. A good manager should first respect himself and then extend it to others. This will ensure smooth coordination and buildng a harmonious relationship with fellow workers.

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Flexible. He should not be stiff minded. Instead, he should adapt with every situationin the company and make proper decisions. 

Visionary, A visionary manager sees what is ahead. This is a quality aligned to discipline and it helps leaders have a larger picture of the whole company.

Rational. Rationality is another important quality of a good leader. There are a times when wisdom has to be applied in the running of a company. This means that you have to make decisions that fits everyone you work with.

A person who has all or most of the above qualities is deemed to be a good manager.

Good management skill

Successful companies around the world are as result of good management and better understanding of organization managers. Good managers have unique qualities which enable them to perform a certain task to enable the company to achieve set goals and objectives. Some of these qualities include positive mentality where by managers avoid giving excuses regarding a certain task to be done and encourage their subordinate staff to focus on the delegated task with a positive attitude so as to achieved their target. Secondly, good managers must communicate well to unsure their is clear understanding on a given task. Good communication enables managers to give clear instruction to all organization staff hence creating health working environment. Thirdly, managers should have good relationship with their employees. A good relationship with workers can create better working environment whereby workers are free to express their personal issues with the hope of getting better services from their employers. Fourthly, good managers should be self-motivation as a tool to encourage other organization staff to work hard with the aim of achieving personal goals. They should     reward their workers in relation to their input in a given task. In conclusion, good managers should have communication qualities, relationship qualities, dispute resolution qualities and motivation qualities.