A servant leader – Term Paper

A servant leader is one who wants to serve first. Such individuals have a natural desire to serve others first and put others needs as apriority. Therefore, servant leadership is about wanting to serve others with an open heart. A servant leader goes ahead and identifies the needs of others and strives to meet them.  For one to be a servant leader, their hearts are the fundamental characteristics because one’sconscience is necessary for them to aspire to lead. Their concerns are on taking care of other people and ensuring that their needs are met.;

One of the characteristics of a good servant leader is that they are ready to sacrifice for others. These kinds of leaders do not only sympathize with people but do something to help them meet their needs. They are willing to forgo anything important in their lives just to ensure that another person has a smile on their face. They play a major role when it comes to classes because they can find ways to make sure that their classes are performing well.;

Secondly, Servant leaders serve as an example to the groups they lead. They try to perfect in all aspect just to show their colleagues that doing what is right at the appropriatetime off benefits to them as a whole. By acting as role models to their subjects, they can help them grow, succeed and one day lead the same way they are leading. Moreover, they instill in people a positive attitude of viewing things and a strong believe that they also can do better.;

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Servant leaders emphasize on hard work for their subjects. They not only emphasize by saying it but also exercise it themselves. They believe that individual improvements in their fields of work can result in the group achievement. Reporting on time where one is supposed to be and trying to do their jobs to their perfection is one way of showing hard work. Servant leaders themselves manifest this quality which boosts the morale of their subjects.;

A true servant leader should also be humble at all times. Humility enables them to have a listening ear to each and every one of their subjects a factor that will boost the morale of all the members as well as encourageteamwork.; A discussion on teamwork helped me learn this fact about a servant leader.; Humility also aids in uniting people and imparting in people humanity livelihoods where people do not look down upon each other just because they lead them. It enables people to have freedom of sharing anything of their concern with their leader which will bring about good achievements.

One of the lessons I have learned from this topic is that a leader should be a good decision maker. Ilearned this from the class discussion on decision making. A leader can listen to people;s opinions,yes, but he or she needs to have a strong belief in them such that the decision they make yields good results. Decisiveness is very crucial in every success of any group and having a leader that can make the right decision is to more advantage.

As a leader, one needs to have personal morality. While learning about empowerment in class, Ifound out that parents and the places children grow up in play fundamental role in empowering people in their childhood. Strong personal morals can result in the development of strong personality which is key in good servant leadership. Personality makes one unique and enables people to do things in their unique ways. Despite the fact that people build morality according to their childhood background, good backgrounds help in producing effective future servant leaders who can mold their subjects even in their age to enable them to have strong moral.

Moreover, standing by the subjects no matter how the situation is, is another lesson I learned from servant leadership topic. Learned this lesson from class when discussingteamwork and being a tennis player; I also learned it from my team leader.; Servant leaders are ready to support their subjects to the end of the fight. They help them fight their battles for the winning point. Leaders fight while making sacrifices for the rest of their subjects until they achieve the goals. That is a true picture of a good leader and anyone aspiring to be a leader needs such quality for them to lead. Some people like giving up and if they lead, they will not only demoralize their subjects but also killed their morale to continue trying.

Another lesson I learned from watching Invictus movie is the fact that people may have disagreements on something and being able to point the differences is important. Disagreements are normal especially when there is a critical decision to be made or going through difficult situations, but as a leader, one is supposed to put themselves in the shoes of their subjects and feel the pressure they are in and empathize with them. By doing that, one can think in their right states of mind and end up helping all everyone.

From a discussion on ethics, I learnt that as a servant leader, one needs to do what is right at all times so that the people they lead can emulate them. There are leadership codes of conducts that every leader must follow and most leaders have them as qualities they are created with. Leaders need to be flexible such that they are able to accommodate the behaviors of different individuals they lead and be able to mold them to perfect persons.

Empowering individuals is one of the responsibilities of a servant leader. From the empowerment lesson, I learnt that servant leaders empower their teams when in difficult situations so as to motivate them never to give up but to continue trying harder until they achieve their goals. Teams are never weak but they always need a figure to motivate them by telling them what needs to be done and how for success to be achieved. A good servant leader therefore must always empower their teams.