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Definition of a good leader

Every group of people or an organization needs a person who has the capability of helping the group or the organization to reach its objectives. There are many different characteristics of a leader which depicts an effective leader. one of the imperative trait of a leader is consistency. A leader is expected to be consistent in their work to ensure that they are can be depended upon and they are reliable. Leaders should always be hardworking and they should remain committed to their work. The second characteristic of a leader is good communication. A leader is a person who is able to communicate to his or her followers and also the shareholders of a company.  A leader is, therefore, expected to encourage employees to work diligently through communicating to them effectively. A leader should also be able to communicate the goals, objectives, mission, and vision of the company or group in a manner that will be convincing. A leader of a company is also expected to communicate the progress of the firm to its stakeholders. All these shows that a leader should be able to communicate effectively. 

A leader should also be creative and should also have a positive attitude. Every leader is expected to make various critical decisions which mean that a leader should be very creative and should also be a critical thinker. Leaders should, therefore, ensure that they think in a creative manner so that they can provide solutions to the various problems or issues which face their groups or firms. Having a positive attitude also ensures that a leader is able to inspire the followers to believe in the mission and vision of the firm or group. All these characteristics of a leader ensure that the leader offers the needed support for success to achieve the objectives and goals which have been set. 

Definition of leader

A leader is a person who has the capability of influencing a group of people that follow one common goal. Others will follow what the leader leads them to do and they will apply since they have been motivated to follow his/her instructions. A leader has followers who trust on what he advice’s them to do.The common goal being to achieve,the followers are very concerned with the leaders characteristics.The 3 main characteristics are;

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3.Effective communication

Responsibility;it is a quality of being trustworthy or reliable. A certain duty is given to the leader to guide others on the right way to deal with his followers in the right manner.Your seniors have to have trust ans assurance that you are the right person for that task.

Honesty;It is a virtue that withholds personal responsibility and how you relate with people Straightforwardness is required for one to lead a group of people.

Effective communication;How you communicate matters a lot. The ability to pass information efficiently; and effectively to a group of people.Communication skills require one to have good verbal and written communication skills.Both listening skills and communicating skills are required.Listening skills matter a lot because of the need of doing a task as a required and hence it will be good when you are delegating tasks to the people you are leading.