Social Darwinism – Term Paper

Part A

During this time, they were not aware how the government implemented laws on how the young children were not allowed to take part in their facilities. This is because they were required to pay them at a given rate which is not the same pay as it was required.  The government is responsible for holding all the business for the injuries that take place at working place. Through this, they implemented the meat Inspection Act, the pure food, and Drug act to take care of the worker’s security at the workplace.; There are also the national resources conservations as well as the national parks that were created by the government.; As a result, this is hard for the companies as they are forced to create what is required for the people who are working for the company.;

At the same time, the government has also created the programs to aid the poor and the needy by giving them free and affordable education for the young children and goods at low prices to help these people. The government also have programs providing healthcare services to the people who are not insured including the Settlement Housing that has enabled these people to access their basic needs without any issue.; The fact that all these are meant to regulate the companies and their activities, it is obvious that these are the actions the Social Darwinists could not have approved as they believed it is not the best for the business. However, the government, on the other hand, believe that the presence of these regulations serves as the only way of providing direction to the performance of businesses in the society.

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Part B

The most important thing about the Social Gospel is teaching people to do the right thing in the society by making sure those who cannot afford the best are at better.; This is the reason since the 19th century a lot has taken place to make sure the society is at its best. There are many things that have been developed over the century and this has all been in terms of helping others in the society. People have gone ahead to come up with actions that make sure they impact the society positively and improve the lives of people. These actions include giving to charity so that they can reach the needy that the charities help. There is visiting the sick in hospital to make sure they have what they need in terms of medical bills and also show love and appreciation to these people.;

There are also organizations that have been created to help the poor people by providing them with medical care, clothing, housing and many other things to make their lives better.; Further, we also have the missions work in different slums that help individuals living in slums that lack the basics for life.; This is the introduction of charity schools that are fair to the poor people and make sure these people despite living a hard life, they can access education and better medications. Through this way, people believe that helping the needy is something that we should all do and not just preparing for the afterlife. The activities have positively impacted our society, and the poor also feel appreciated as they are receiving help from the rich.;;