Improvement needed for my community – Term Paper

    Every another society is made up of great communities. The welfare of these communities is what contributes to a well-performing society in general. Therefore, it is very critical to consider the developments of these communities. In this case, a study is done to establish the factors that improve the welfare of a society that we live. Especially in a community, there should be the improvement in the healthcare of the community Pigg, Kenneth (2013). In a city, the government should set up high-quality health care centers equipped with all necessary tools that will ensure that the local people can access quality health care to sustain and improve the health standards in the community. The government should work tirelessly to bring in qualified doctors from the community to create employment opportunities to the locals, which will improve the per capita income of the locals in the community. With these healthcare facilities around the issue of early childhood, mortality as well as overall mortality in the population will be reduced significantly. 

    Additionally, the government should set up education centers in the community. Education is known to be the key to success in many fields. Educating the local folks, the city will have invested in the future of the current generation because with education the locals can now fit in the competitive world and challenge for the top positions. As a result, the community will have an increased rate of employment, which increases the wealth of the community. In setting up learning institutions in the community, the young generation will be effectively involved in learning hence, reducing the chances of the young generation getting lost in the vices of prostitution, crime and even more so drug abuse, which is known to maim the development of people in a community.

Every city requires high-security measures to protect the locals from exploitation from themselves and even intruders who would want to take advantage of an insecure community and loot their property. As a result, the government should set up police stations across the community to make it easier for the locals to access help whenever they require assistance Pigg, Kenneth (2013). The police stations should be well equipped to tackle all kind of complaints is it fire, robbery or any other type difficulty. The police stations should also have hotlines that the locals can call and get instant help at any time of the day and night. The security should be organized in a manner that it involves the locals in their operations because it is the locals who are more conversant with the problems facing the community. Involving the locals also increases efficiency in operations since the people will be more participative in the initiative hence reducing the chances of crime in the community.

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    For the community to be successful, it needs to exploit all the available resources to their advantage. Mostly, the city might lack the capabilities of fully use the resources, and therefore the community should welcome foreign investors to come and invest Pigg, Kenneth (2013). By investing here, the community will be the first beneficiaries of the investments because they will be availed a wide range of products to choose from which increases the quality of life in the community. The foreign investors will lay the infrastructure for more business, which will benefit the locals for they will now have an easier channel to get their products to the market. If the community improves these sectors, then it will grow extra dimensions in their economic income as a whole.


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