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Culture and influence of culture in our society

The environment is the immediate surrounding of an individual. Our environment may generate different attitude amongst different people in terms of political stability, the wealth status and economic status among others. Regarding wealth status and class, the environment of a person may cause a low-class perception or a high-class perception. In this case, the individual will look at the availability of resources, time and money so as to achieve certain basic needs. These include food, education, shelter and most importantly clothing.  The environment perception is further discussed below. 

In a high-class society, the environment consists of classy features such as vehicles, good mansions, good and expensive schools, classy and trendy outfits and wealthy associates among others. Therefore, an individual from the above-mentioned community will perceive his/her life as expensive and hence luxurious. The cheap pleasantries of life will not seem appealing to such an individual and hence resolving to maintain the expensive lifestyle. Most likely than not, the wealthy individuals will not be attentive or even recognize the plight of the poor and hence they end up being inconsiderate. hence causing a huge rift between the poor and the rich in the society. 

In a low-class environment, the conditions are quite the opposite of the above mentioned high-class society. The schools within the environment are of poor standards. there are few or no personal vehicles in the community. The lifestyle is cheap and the clothing and luxuries used by these communities are considered. A person from this environment perceives life as difficult. Needless to say, one has to live from hand to mouth and only the most basic needs are fulfilled. It is worth noting that, food and shelter are often the only needs satisfied by these people. 

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Also, the environment may be perceived in terms of political status. In a country where peace reigns, the people perceive their environment as politically stable and hence there’s room for progress and development. Otherwise, in a politically unstable country the people tend to live in fear and hence their environment becomes unconducive for growth and productivity. The difference between these two communities provides a basis for their perceptions. It is unrealistic to perceive the environment positively in times of conflicts and disputes, therefore, the different opinions.;

In conclusion, how people perceive their environment makes a clear distinction between them. The environment plays a big role in influencing the attitude a person has about life. In a high-class environment, the people tend to perceive life as easy and hence they live luxuriously. Whereas in a low-class environment the individuals are always struggling to satisfy their basic needs and hence time and money for leisure and luxury is minimal or not there at all. The political stability of a state is perceived differently by the citizens. The stability is related to growth and productivity of a country whereas instability is related to destruction and consequent failure of the country. These are instances of perceptions of people to their environment. Hence, the different perceptions between the rich and the poor in the society.;;