People And Society Sample – Term Paper

Culture and influence of culture in our society

Humans are intrinsically and extrinsically different from one another. This uniqueness is manifest in each and every person regardless of the conditions and circumstances they are brought up in. This uniqueness inherent in every human being in turn leads towards the diverse ways in which individuals perceive their environment. Psychologists and social scientists have time and again studied human beings from different epochs with the sole aims being to unravel the puzzle human uniqueness in terms of behavior, character, actions and perception. Intrinsically, human beings are endowed with the innate abilities of being different just from birth. The environment plays also a critical role in influencing the perceptions in individuals, yet, the inconclusive answers from scholars around the globe fail to have an agreed response on how individuals are different in the manner in which they perceive the same environment.

There are various reasons as to why individuals perceive the environment in different ways. Human biology and its attendant uniqueness in terms of brain synapses, thinking, and other biological characteristics such as male and female, are attributed as contributing the greatest effect on the manner in which individuals perceive their environment. The rationale behind this is that every human being has unique structuring of their body forms hence this leads to the diverse and unique ways in which individuals perceive about the environment they are in. It is acknowledged by biological and behavioral psychologists that the human body is one which is different from each person

The other way in which how individuals perceive their environment makes them being different from one another is due to the different stimuli that are elicited on individuals from the same environment. The socialization, growth and development of individuals leads to them having different perceptions and meanings from the same environment. This behavior can be attributed towards the previously formed mental schema of the objects that are present in the environment. Hence, this makes individuals perceiving the environment in totally different ways.

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The other reason as to how individuals perceive the environment lead to them being different from each other may be attributed to the values and customs from which individuals grew up in. Cultures and societies around the globe have different ways in which they perceive their immediate surroundings. This leads towards the individuals who grow and socialize in a particular epoch perceiving differently the environment which they are when compared to other individuals who may visit the same environment and are from different cultures. Culture does play a critical and fundamental role in the growth of an individual. Hence, individuals from different cultures, societies and communities will perceive the environment differently hence leading to each human being unique in his or her own aspect.

In conclusion, it is evident individuals are inherently different and unique from one another. There are intrinsic and extrinsic factors which are attributed towards the diverse ways in which human beings perceive the environment they are living in. This differences observed in turn are what makes the human race be unique and different from the other creatures loving on the planet.