Internship cover letter sample – Term Paper

I would wish to join your company as an intern in the coming summer holiday as part of my educational training. I am currently studying Business Management at the University of North Georgia and will be a senior come May. I currently work at the Galaxy Collision Center where I have been able to gain a lot of experience as far as management and team leadership skills are concerned. At Galaxy Collision Center, I have also been able to obtain hands-on experience in the running of a business, and it’s at Galaxy where my interest to join Genesis 10 developed.

As part of my working experience, I have also worked at KooKoo Bear and Single Source In. I have been serving in different capacities in my previous and current jobs spanning from being a team leader to sales and marketing, and I firmly believe that the skills that I have obtained in school and at work will be of great benefit in helping Genesis 10 realize its mission and vision. I also plan to enroll for a master’s degree in Kennesaw State University after completing my undergraduate education to be able to increase my skills set.

I am a hardworking and social individual with the ability to blend well within any work environment. I derive my interest in learning new things from others and possess a great desire for self-development. I have the ability to effectively relate and communicate with people irrespective of their economic or cultural backgrounds as clearly demonstrated throughout my prior career at KooKoo Bear, Single Source In and currently at Galaxy Collision Center.

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Feel free to peruse the enclosed copy of my resume for more information on my academic and professional qualifications. I am looking forward to a timely response from you. Thank you.Sincerely