Term Paper on Health

Term Paper:

Health is the appropriate condition of a living being, which enables it function well. A healthy person is also the one who does not suffer from a certain disease, that means all the organs are in a good order and fulfill their functions without any problems. There are many disciplines, which study the problem of health and help people maintain the condition of the body and mind effectively. They are: dietetics, psychology, medical sociology, epidemiology, physiology, medical anthropology, etc. There are many factors, which influence health condition of an individual. First of all it is the physical environment, the place where one lives; then, it is social environment, which defines the kind of people and their relations and attitude towards the individual. Biology and genetics also play a very important role for one’s health, because very often even the rich people who suffer from genetic diseases can not be called healthy.

Next, the social status and total income influences human material and financial well-being. Without this factor one can not be healthy, because he can not afford treating and medicine. Then, education and working conditions determine the difficulty of one’s work and the number of efforts required to fulfill the work. If the work is difficult, one will not be healthy spending 8 hours a day in constant stress and dynamic process of work. It is obvious that physical health does not depict the whole image of a healthy person, because mental health is no less important. Everybody knows that one should be in good humor to achieve physical health, because stress and mental disorders, diseases of mind have a negative and harmful impact of the physical health.

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In order to be healthy one should try to achieve the complete balance of his body and soul, because healthy mind and body are interdependent. Writing a health term paper one should remember that he is expected to present the whole image of health, its components, factors which influence it and methods which can improve and maintain its condition. A good term paper is a profound research on the suggested problem, which is expected to have a logical structure and contain reliable up-to-date information. Successful term papers also contain trustworthy tips and advice aimed at the improvement of one’s health. It can make every research valuable, effective and interesting for reading.

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