Job Interview – Term Paper

Question: State your understanding of your main duties and responsibilities.

I have worked for eight years with the dynamic quest as a server engineer and one thing that I have come to realize is that Dynamic Quest gains credibility from a strategic view. My deployment to Afghanistan gave me a better understanding of my duties and also showed a vivid similarity between Dynamic Quest and the army, both are dynamic and easily adapt to changes as they come, both have plans that have been strategically aligned to meet their objectives and goals.  Strategic plans create the foundation and stability of any organization and as such, this is what makes Dynamic Quest among the leading firm in the country.

I am a hardworking person, very flexible and I can easily adapt to any working environment I am subjected to. This is evident from my deployment in Afghanistan where I was able to work despite the conflict that is prone in that country.  I am well known for my ever smiling face, this has helped improve my relationship with clients and the corporation between me, my colleges and the clients has grown stronger over the years as well.

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 My job duties and responsibilities majorly revolve around the needs of the client. As a service provider know that the client is the most important aspect of the business. Without the client then I would be of no use to this organization. My key responsibilities include providing above the standard results for the customer I attend to. Such as:

– Doing excellent repairs that are approved by the customer

– Display knowledge of their environment

– Giving and receiving honest recommendations from the IT prospective

I am well known for my ability to adapt to complex technological situations taking into account the existing tech landscape that varies from client to client. Every client has their own needs and requirements this is what makes the technological world quite complex.

Question: Has the past year been good/bad/satisfactory or otherwise for you, and why?

This year has been excellent to me as always! My understanding about of the delegation process in the Philippines branch became broader and I became more conversant with the activities in that branch. This experience was useful to me in a number of ways, it served as a stress reliever and it also created a platform for me to share my knowledge with my colleges it also helped in closing the gap between our overseas colleagues. I strongly support all branches of Dynamic Quest; their importance cannot be underestimated because they serve the same purpose as the offices in the US and overseas. It is also my prayer that Dynamic Quest will continue to grow and open more branches all over the world.

Question: What do you consider to be your most important achievements of the past year?

Every day that I spent working for Dynamic Quest becomes an achievement to me. This year I have been able to improve and develop my relationship with customers that I interact with. Being able to detect a problem from far and at the same time be able to solve puzzles that will be have proved difficult for my colleges through teamwork.   I have achieved client respect and satisfaction by giving each one 100% as if they were my only client. Whenever I serve a client, in my mind I give my all to them.  This has also contributed to the increase in the number of employees I have served in the past year.  I have learned the value of quality services, and as such am committed to work and give only the best the client can get.

Question: What do you like and dislike about working for Dynamic Quest?

Dynamic Quest is a community, a family that believes in the core values. A family that is dedicated to hard work and providing quality services. The unity and togetherness in the employees is one of the things I like about Dynamic Quest. The other thing I like about our organization is that my ideas and solutions are always taken seriously; this applies to the other employee’s as well. All our suggestions and ideas are given the attention they deserve.  I would, however, like to see a plan to build teamwork between each other’s enthusiasm with projects, solutions, and creativity between all departments. Departmental heads should come with a plan that will bring the various departments together.  Each department complements the other department, despite the fact that they are divided because of the roles that they play it is important to observe that working a unit is always better. It is said that if you want to walk fast you can walk alone but if you want to walk far you should walk together. Starting the day is always a joy to me, as I get to update my colleges and clients on what is going on in the technology industry. What is new, what has been updated and what has been faced out, this also works for me as I get to learn about news from both parties as well.  We, therefore, learn from each other. Growth is inevitable, our company has over the years grown to be a well-known  IT firm despite the growth I believe that we are still able to be on the same page and work as a team.

Question: What elements of your job do you find most difficult?

It is obvious that we are not always perfect in everything that we do. There are certain elements that might prove to be difficult for us. I have areas that prove to be difficult at times. As we all know ticket and calendar updates are a difficult task and I do know how important it is to perform this task in a timely manner.  I find this challenging but I do not let it put me down, I have taken time to think about what I can do to improve my ticket and calendar updates. I plan to set a better schedule and also seek advice from others on how they are able to perform these tasks without it interfering with their activities. This might be a good “Lunch & Learn” topic. I believe it would help a lot of employees as well. Once one has something that troubles them at work the best solution is to share the problem with other employees and be able to be helped. A difficulty shared is always lighter compared to one that is carried by one person

Question: What elements of your job interest you the most, and least?

To begin with, I am always a positive person. I believe that I can achieve anything that I conceive in my mind because everything is possible. Being able to learn from others and helping them as well puts a smile on my face. When a client or coworker has a situation that is tough, I help to lighten the issue with a calm and stable resolution. The IT field is a quest that requires a start and finish like a maze. That quest can be handled in many ways. I approach each issue by an assessment, research with a backup option, and an execution for the resolution. With this in mind, I show the clients and our staff the same techniques so it is not a difficult task but just a solution to the puzzle. This makes my work more interesting and makes me enjoy it more. The only the issue that makes my job less interesting are the employees who do not like to work with the others. This brings down the morale for some of us and as such the productivity of the organisation goes down as well.

Question: What do you consider to be your most important aims and tasks in the next year?

I am hopeful that the next year will come with a lot of achievements. It is my hope to have the opportunity to show colleagues the importance of our different personalities at our workplace. As Lexie stated, you can smile through a phone. I can learn from everyone although I was hired because of my genuine personality. Contrary to popular believes, it is possible to teach someone how to do proper curtesy with a smile and a handshake. I was once told that I can teach anyone how to work on a computer, but I can’t teach someone personality. Everyone comes with their own personality which has different merits from another person’s personality.

From my eight year experience at Dynamic Quest I have made a number of sour faces smile. I would like the challenge to get as many people the opportunity to see what I see. I would love to increase the smiles among other employees as well. This would be of great help to the organization because with a happy mood people work better. The next year I would also like to share my knowledge and skills with everyone. Take a situation where all employees share their knowledge and skills with one another, Dynamic Quest would become a learning hub for all employees. After all knowledge shared is always better and it sticks better especially for the individual that has shared it. If each co-worker provides more tips of information which we see in emails often or promotes each other on a job well done that we see in the “Letters of Praise”, we will be able to create cohesion.

Question: What action could be taken to improve your performance in your current position by you, and your supervisor?

As stated in last year’s review, I would love to see a “knights of the round table” gathering so we can hash out ideas and get on the same page. I feel like there is a great rift between departments in the organisation. The disconnect is very evident. I like how Steve had a weekly meeting with the “TAM” department and also how Mike Dickerson has morning meetings to discuss ideas and opportunities. These two gentlemen are playing a great role in improving teamwork among the department. It is from ideas that dreams are born and the dreams eventually become a reality. It would, therefore, be useful for all of us if we would share our ideas as a team.