Juvenile Corrections – Term Paper

After the juvenile is found guilty or has violated the law, the court moves to disposition. The parent of the nation takes the responsibility of helping the juvenile to deal with their behavioral, physical, and mental health issues. There are different placements offered to the juvenile to help him/her to become a productive member of the society. One, the juvenile can be offered a community-based correctional alternative where he/she can remain with the family and continue attending his school. He/she has to continue adhering to the variety of the rehabilitative options being offered by the juvenile prison of his state, or that is near him. The juvenile is supervised by an officer of a given court while being rehabilitated out there in the community. In some cases, the juvenile is subjected to alcohol and drug testing or be attending weekly treatment (“Types & Benefits of Juvenile Correction Alternatives – Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com,” 2017). The juvenile has to go to school regularly and maintain his/her grades. Moreover, the probation officer has to supervise other conditions that the court may have inflicted as part of the disposition.

Second, the juvenile may also be offered a school-based probation program. In this program, there is a good partnership between a local school and juvenile probation department that places the officer who is supposed to supervise the youth directly within the boundaries of the learning institution. This kind of program mainly targets students who are under the supervision of the court or have been charged with delinquent offenses. One of the main benefits of school-based probation is that the officer in charge can make as many contacts with the youth as possible. (Development Services Group, Inc. 2010). The officer supposed to supervise the juvenile under this program can make informal contact almost daily as well as frequent formal meetings before, during, or after school hours.


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