;Lean on Me; Movie Critique – Term Paper

Drama of the Eastside High school in film

The film, “Lean on me” is a 1989 drama based on Eastside High school. Joe Louis Clark was the school principal. Eastside high school was deteriorating in performance, and the state government of New Jersey was soon taking over the management of the school if the performance was to remain low. The students at Eastside High School were engaging in criminal activities and the use of drugs hence poor performance in the basic skills test. The teachers in the Eastside School were at risk because of violent gangs in the school. The school superintends suggested hiring Joe Clark as the principal to help improve the performance of the students in the school.

Before Joe Clark became the principal, student were drug abusers and committed different kinds of crime. For examples, teachers were not safe in school because violent gangs. The student’s basic skills test was low because the learning environment was unbearable. During Clark’s administrations, there were changes in the school. For example, Clark expelled all the drug dealers and restored order in the school. Clark introduced learning of songs and fight against violence among the student in school. Besides, Clark improved management of students in school by ensuring that school gates were closed. The strict measures during Clarks regime was a source of conflict in school. However, the new rules in schools brought a positive result in the school where the students passed the final assessment test.

Joe Clark’s interventions strategy in movie

Clark’s interventions strategy was helpful because they were to save the situation. For example, some of the issues that Clark was addressing include drug abuse in school, drug trafficking, and poor performance. Analytically, Clark applied transformative leadership where he encourages discipline and hard work to improve student performance. Clark planned remedial teaching and reading on weekends and the locking of school gates to prevent entry of drugs and drug abusers into the school compound.

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Notably, Clark’s leadership style was inclusive and prompt. Clark started the change immediately when he was hired as the new principal. Joe Clark identified students involved in crime such drug trafficking. Joe Clark introduced remedial teaching and reading to boost the performance. However, Clark was in conflict with staff and parents. For example, he was not in agreement with the English teach and Mrs. Elliot, the choir teacher in charge. Besides, parents were not happy when Clark expelled students and locked the school gates. The behavior of Clark landed him in jail.

Clark’s student leadership

Clark was strategic in his leadership style because he brought rapid change in the organization. For example, some of the stragies he used to improve performance in school include the introduction of remedial reading, expelling drug abusers and renovating the school. Clark was strict on the teachers and often confronts them whenever the students performed poorly. Joe Clark did not entertain poor performance in school either did he retain drug abusers in the school compound. In the end, the exams results were good; hence, the leadership skills of Clark were right.

Joe Clark was hired to help improve the performance in Eastside High school. Clark’s organization interventions had both positive and adverse implication. The positive effect is that the performance improved. The criminal activities such drug trafficking and violence in the school compound ended. Clark quick and implemented the reforms and brought positive results that prevent state government from taking over the school management. However, Clark was not considerate because he was in conflict with teachers and parents. For example, parents were not happy when Clark locked the school gates. Clark ought to involve the entire stakeholder in the reforms to reduce conflicts in the organization.

Central character in movie

Clark is the central character in the film and principal of Eastside high school. He was able to resolve the conflict because he influences teachers to provide a remedial course for students and parents. It was wise for Clark to ask the parents to accompany their children to school for remedial courses as one of the strategies to boost performance and to reduce criminal cases. The film is educative to aspiring managers seeking to bring change in their organizations. The success of the students in the schools is attributed to the corporations of the teachers in the school. Joel Clark was able to involve the teacher in improving the performance of the students in the final primary test analysis.

In conclusion, the film is centered in Eastside high school. Joel Clark is the central character in the movie where his actions make the film complete. Organizational interventions strategy in use in the film is specific and helps restored order in the schools. Clark began the reforms in the school by expelling drug dealers and abusers in school. He renovated the school, locked school gates, and introduced remedial reading to improve the performance in the school. However, Joe Clark was in conflict with teachers because he overlooked their contributions in the school. The film ended when the exams results were out, the student had performed well, and Clark was in jail for looking school gate.