Letter of intent – Term Paper

I am a Canadian having a Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery respectively from a medical school in India. I am passionate about undertaking further studies in the field of medicine not only to build my future career but also to equip me with critical skills requisite in the development of new solutions to emerging health challenges. Having keenly fact checked your university and facilities offered therein, I am confident to express my interest to be admitted to pursue a Master of Public Health there. My strong academic background as a medical student for five and half years equips me with the right knowledge and skills on issues of public health. The courses that I took while at medical school included health promotion, epidemiology, and health management. 

One specific course, which I studied continuously for three years and afforded me a basic experience of public health issues is community medicine. During the three years of studying community medicine, I was assigned to a family for which I was to do a detailed health background. This undertaking provided me with a unique way of interacting with individuals at a different level from that of the clinic. Therefore, I gained practical insights into the community health challenges, threats, and knowledge gaps that are necessary for ensuring an active population. It is on the basis of these missing links between healthcare provision and the actual societal needs that I wish to pursue a Master program to beneficially provide every crucial health assistance as a professional. 

Studying medicine in India granted me an opportunity to conceive the various emerging issues that affect effective healthcare delivery today such as lack of community awareness, inadequate professional interventions, inconsistent integration of health technologies into the mainstream healthcare delivery and rising costs of medical care. Therefore, my intention is to develop a foundational understanding of these issues as a means of appreciating their enormity and initiate proactive response strategies to alleviate human suffering and build a healthy and productive human resource. This Masters will serve as a springboard to build my capacity for greater academic achievements in residency medicine, which will enable me to interact closely with the communities with critical health needs. My vision is to extensively learn the epidemiological trends of prevalent diseases in Canada, their effects on public health and possible response mechanisms. 

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Based on my undergraduate research as a medical student, I gained the information that Canadians suffer from different diseases including cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, HIV and AIDs, and influenza. Therefore, the health system in Canada requires the right management and reform, which will help in promoting health in the communities. I am motivated to pursue a Master of Public health due to the diversity of its course provisions including broad-based research, which coincide with my need to establish new techniques to manage some of the most devastating public health concerns in Canada. The Master Program will also grant me a chance to train adequately and understand health issues at the community level. Though these studies, I will develop necessary leadership and research skills necessary to becoming an astute health professional to introduce proactive changes for public health efficiency in Canada. The MPH’s focus on clinical trials networks, multilateral healthcare programs, and large data research studies makes it ideal for my career objectives. 

    Through the acquisition of a Masters of Public Health, I wish to be a health planner who plays the role of creating healthy and supportive communities to help in solving eminent health problems. I envision collaboration with international health professionals who have the passion for maintaining public health and preventing illness. I acknowledge the dynamic nature of public health challenges hence studying at your university will enable me to initiate and maintain important professional networks with the diverse students. These networks will be important for me to consistently acquire updated public health research and innovations. During and after the completion of this Master program, I will keep actively involved in various professional roles including ensuring that the community has an efficient health care system, monitoring the health status of the population, engaging the community on issues concerning health, and formulating health policies that will solve health programs in different levels. The program will also help me conduct assessments on the community health needs. Additionally, through the program, I will get the chance of familiarizing myself with core competencies of   Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) relating to biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health sciences, health services administration, and social and behavioral sciences. 

I have engaged in different activities including working as a volunteer in Blood Donation Camp at my hospital and in Pulse polio drive which is the campaign started in India to eradicate Poliovirus by giving oral Polio vaccine to every child under age of five years. I have also served the community at Community health centers in the rural area. The initiative creates awareness about the diseases and ways to prevent them. The education I have offered includes new family planning methods, benefits of breastfeeding, weaning in babies, and malnourishment in kids, smoking, and alcoholism. Therefore, serving the community was an eye opener for me as I discovered there is a lot to give to the community. 

I believe that your university has the capacity of giving me an exemplary education in the field of public health and management and providing me the right learning environment and research facilities. To this end, studying a MPH program in your university will offer me the best study and work conditions, which will help me, get the credentials I require in the current competitive public health workforce. Furthermore, the unique feature that your university has over the other includes the practicum component of the program that will give me the opportunity in actual health facilities.