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Board Members

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Re: Request for reinstatement of physical education

Dear sir/madam, 

I write this letter as a parent of a ten year old boy who goes to this school. Following the abolition of physical education in the school, I request for its reinstatement. As a parent, I understand the efforts by the board members to create an ample time for the top priorities pertaining to the children’s best interest. I would not blatantly wish to criticize your great efforts and policies you put in effect. However, I believe as prudent and liberal board members, you would highly regard a sensible concern from a parent, about the children’s best interests. In that case, I submit my concern and argument with a great faith that you will consider it. 

To begin with, I greatly believe that physical education is very important in a child’s development in all spheres of growth. For one it will play a major role in the development of a child’s cardio respiratory system (Coe, 56). Cardio respiratory is basically the ability of the respiratory and circulatory system offer adequate supply to skeletal muscles during strained physical exercises. With the fact presented above, a reduction in the frequency and rate of physical exercises, the children would have a poor cardio respiratory system, which would cause health issues in the future. Owing to this, it is noteworthy that an increase in physical exercises would cause an enlargement of the heart muscles. This is in effect reducing the chances of experiencing heart complications. When the heart muscles are enlarged, it will subsequently lead to an increased blood supply with each stroke, and an increment of the number of arteries in the skeletal muscles. With this in consideration, it goes without saying that if we give more attention to physical fitness of children at a tender age, the future of life style and heart diseases is bleak. This is what we dream of. 

Letter to teacher from parent about child

In addition to the above, it would be obvious that strength increases with constant exercises. It is obvious that strength is an indication of good health in children. Strength in this case, is not just limited to physical strength but more importantly emotional and strength in the body’s immunity. Study has shown that there are connections between physical fitness and brain development, especially in children. More importantly, it is noteworthy that physical fitness increases children’s attention span. The aspect of laziness and general weaknesses is eliminated. In this case, teachers would be enthusiastic to teach a very active and jovial class. In essence, exercises increase concentration and focus. This is very instrumental to the development of the child’s cognitive abilities. In this case, the school will register improved performances in class work and examinations. Among the children who are less enthusiastic with physical exercises and play, most of them have been found to be sleeping in class. It is therefore true to link lack of physical activity with brain activity and attention span. Generally therefore, it will later lead to an improved and increase in school performances.;

In terms of body composition, physical education will lead to an improved body form in children as they grow up. Body composition basically means the percentage of muscle, water, fat and bone in the human body. A good body composition comes along with lots of advantages; for one, it improves appearance. It will reduce the chances of children growing with obesity. With maximum body exercises, children are guaranteed a lean and uniform body that will increase the appeal among other children. This will consequently lead to increased self-esteem to those prone of obesity and improve self confidence. This is especially important for girls (Boucher and Evelyn, 76). Also, it will, most importantly reduce the risks of contracting heart diseases. If this kind of lifestyle is instilled in children, it will be easier dealing with heart diseases because they will adopt a healthy lifestyle. In order to reduce the cases of illness normally experienced among the children, I would prefer they be given ample time to work out. In order to realize a healthy living in our children let them go to the field and jump around. One of the missions of this school it to nurture skills and talents. The fact that there is a reduction in the frequency of physical education, it purport that we haven’t acted true to the school’s mission.;

I highly regard a lot of work the board members do in order to keep the school running and improving in the best way possible. However, I really hope as highly esteemed board members, we will come to a consensus as to the best possible way we are going to let out children develop and grow wholly.; ;

Yours Faithfully,

David Livingston


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Coe, Dawn P. The Importance of Physical Education Classes in Relation to Physical Activity Behaviors, Physical Fitness, and Academic Achievement in Middle School Children. , 2003. Print.