Major medical insurance – Term Paper

Obamacare health insurance

ObamaCare is cost assistance since it saves individuals premium and out-of-pocket expenses through Health Insurance Marketplace. Also, ObamaCare gives millions of American access to health care since Medicaid eligibility is expanded in more than 20 states.

There are risks associated with ObamaCare. For example, to raise money to make sure that everybody is insured means that new tax rate will be new taxes that might affect Americans directly such as employer mandate and the individual mandate. ObamCare will increase the cost everybodys insurance since insurance company must cover every sick person. Another risk is the survival of the insurance companies. ObamaCare meant that insurance companies were required to cover individuals with pre-existing risks.

Problems with health insurance account

The first problem was that customers cryptic errors messages and could not log in or create account something caused by an overwhelming number of people signing up and creating their account. The site was expected to accommodate between 50000 to 60000 but ended up handling 25000 people. The other problem was pull-down menus that only worked excruciatingly long wait times due to defects hardware and software that had been detected before the launch of the plan; there was more than 600 item that needed to be fixed.The expansion of insurance coverage

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The expansion of insurance coverage improves the financial status and reduces stress in a household, and this impacts children positively. Politically, it means that there will be pressure in non-Medicaid expansion states to expand Medicaid. Economically, ObamaCare represents a transfer of resources to low and moderate income families.

To ensure that the program was successful, all software and hardware should have been thoroughly tested before going live. Secondly, all contractors for different parts of the system should have communicated to each other more frequently something that was the case.