My Preparation for my Major – Term Paper

In the last few decades, there have been advances in Computer and Information Technology (CIT). These advances have led to a revolution in many aspects of our lives and economy. It has resulted in a revolution in science, education, and medicine, just to name a few. I would like to be part of the future advancement and evolution of CIT and is the major reason why I want to study Computer Science and Engineering. The idea of pursuing this course came to me when I started exploring my career options. Since my childhood, I have been around computers and have developed an interest in them ever since. My interest in Computer Science and Engineering also comes from my perception and view of the degree course as a challenging, diverse, and creative field which can allow me to explore many possibilities.

My interest in computers kept growing as I proceeded from primary school to high school with every new discovery I made. More specifically, seeing the marvels of the internet for the first time in high school further sparked my interest. After realizing that computers can provide limitless opportunities for learning and fun, I chose to pursue Information Communication Technology (ICT) as an examinable subject. Studying ICT enabled me to be more knowledgeable and experienced in the applications of computer systems. For my coursework project, I successfully created a stock control system for a small business near my school which gave me a wealth of experience in the development of systems and analysis as well as the use of VBScript and complex formulae. My ICT teacher also picked me to become part of the team that was tasked with revamping my school’s website. The chance was a perfect opportunity for enhancement of my web design skills. I also gained more knowledge in end-user programming and developed leadership skills as a result of working in a group. I believe that my acquire skills in ICT give me a strong foundation for advanced studies in computers.

Mathematics has also been my best subject since primary school. I have always had a quick grasp of mathematical concepts and have shown this by excelling in the subject and scoring straight As and Bs in most of the exams I have done since my primary education. My interest in mathematics is due to its demand for logical thinking and problem solving. I believe that my strengths in logical thinking are also crucial for success in Computer Science and Engineering course. Moreover, I excelled in my high school physics, another subject which needs logical thinking. I obtained several As. Studying this subject in high school also gave me an opportunity to apply mathematical concepts in the real world. In my coursework, I pursued research in solid deformation where I applied physics, mathematical, and research skills to validate Hooke’s Law. Because the course is related to both subjects, I believe that my deep knowledge in these subjects will be of great importance for successful completion of my intended course of study.

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I am also persistent in all my work, and at all times strive to obtain the best results possible. I always never back down from a worthy cause or challenge. I believe that my never-ending curiosity, strong internal motivation, and my effective teamwork skills will also be essential in succeeding in this course.