My Greatest Talent – Term Paper

Mathematical logics and concepts are applied in every aspect of our lives from rocket engineering to calculation of our daily budgets in our homes. Its diverse application intrigues me a lot and is one of the major reasons why I have always endeavored to have an in-depth understanding of the subject. I have a feeling that it greatly strengthens my logical and reasoning abilities that are vital for all areas of my academics, especially science-related subjects. Consequently, it opens up opportunities for a wide range of careers. I can trace my interest in math to primary school.

Mathematics has always been easy for me. Throughout my schooling, I have enjoyed self-studying math. I believe that self-study provided the best opportunity for broadening my thinking, development of good work ethic, and building a sense of responsibility. Additionally, I strengthened my mathematical ability by making sure that I solved at least five math questions every day. Moreover, I approached my teacher whenever I encountered a difficult question. This made me learn complex concepts faster than my peers. After noticing my interest in the subject, my math teacher gave me an opportunity to lead the class in peer teaching. Peer teaching was a perfect chance to interact with others and further enhance my understanding of various mathematical concepts. Consequently, I obtained straight As in math throughout primary school and received many accolades.

I also have strong analytical skills. I can visualize solutions and solve problems by making sensible decisions using the available information. To visualize solutions, I apply logical thinking to break complex problems into their constituent parts thus making it easy to obtain the solutions. Additionally, I have strong spatial visualization skills and can mentally manipulate 2-D and 3-D figures. As a result, I can easily solve mathematical problems related to geometry.

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Mathematics has also been my favorite because l love to solve complex and thinking problems. Even though I am skilled in the subject, algebra was my best topic in high school because of its emphasis on cognitive processes and problem solving. More specifically, I enjoyed solving equations, inequalities, and polynomials. I have always been fascinated by math and thus developed an interest in the math-related subjects which include chemistry and physics. As a result, I also excelled in these areas.

I believe that my other academic subjects, such as chemistry and physics, complement mathematics because they are all describing reality through the use of equations and models. The most important aspect of mathematics is its ability to promote critical thinking. I believe critical thinking is important because it deals with the construction of sound logical arguments, a key art needed in mathematics. 

I enjoy solving mathematical enigmas. I started from books. Because I was the best math student in my class, I always strived to provide answers to mathematical problems that my classmates were unable to solve. In high school, I was accorded a chance to represent my school team, of five students, in a math competition. The competition was among ten different high schools in Israel and was highly rigorous because these schools picked the best math students to compete with those from other schools. Because of my hard work and strong ability in math, I was able to be among the top ten best in personal rank. As a result, I was awarded a book of collation of enigmas. After my high school, I proceeded to Santa Monica College (SMC) where I continued with this enthusiasm and got good grades as a result. In SMC, I was picked to participate in Amatyc test (student math league test) because of my excellence in the subject. I also demonstrated exemplary performance in student math league test.