Term Paper on Green Marketing

Marketing Term Paper:

Green marketing is the specific type of marketing which organizes the whole activity of a company (planning, design of the product, its manufacturing, packing, transportation, sale, use, recycling and utilization) focusing on the ecological safety of its production with the purpose to gain profit and protect the natural environment and health of people. Today more and more people understand the harmful impact of the humanity on the natural environment.

The human activity causes pollution of air, water and soil, deforestation, the global warming up process, etc. It is obvious that the main factor which causes all these problems is industry, so it is essential to renovate and change the structure and methodology and technology of industry to make it safer for the environment, for the human health and other organisms. Green marketing is aimed at the improvement of the technology of production, logistics and sale of the product and its further recycling.

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Green marketing is the best way out from the ecological crisis, which ruins the ecosystems and causes harm to the human life. If the company uses the safe technologies which do not produce dangerous industrial wastes, transport the resources and production in the safe way and utilize the used production appropriately, the condition of the environment will be improved. Green marketing has become popular nowadays and people prefer paying more for the quality and safe production than to pay little for the products manufactures in the unsafe way. The policy of green marketing has conquered the developed countries and gradually reaches the developing ones.

Green marketing is the alternative solution of the environmental problems and its development and improvement should be supported. The student is expected to dwell on the explanation of the structure, functions, role, strong and weak sides of green marketing and describe the issue from all sides. It is important to research the structure of green marketing is detail to understand how it improves the natural environment and saves human lives. The student is obliged to investigate the problem with the help of the presentation of several definite cases which illustrate the total functioning of green marketing on the direct examples. The final aim of the term paper is to summarize the problem well and evaluate its relevance objectively.

A term paper is a difficult assignment which requires attention and responsibility. The student can learn to prepare a good term paper with the help of the Internet and a free example term paper on green marketing which is written by an expert. It is reasonable to look through a good free sample term paper on green marketing and learn to analyze the problem well and format the text according to the general standards and requirements.