Term Paper on Responsible Parenthood

Parenthood Term Paper:

Responsible parenthood is the term which has a broad definition, because a good parent is the one who provides his child with love, respect, support, economical, cultural, moral, psychological and physical help and maintains the child’s psychological and physical health. Responsible parents are first of all those ones who have planned and really wanted to have a child. If the child was planned and waited for, it would be loved even more. Responsible parents are supposed to bring up their child in peace, good conditions essential for the development and health of the child.

Then, parents should provide the child with proper education and they should facilitate him in this process. Parents are the key factor which helps children understand the value of education, because if parents do not pay attention to such questions, the child will probably be careless and treat education like something of little importance.

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Moreover, only parents can teach children the basic moral values, like respect, generosity, love and care, because even the best teacher at school will never be able to teach the child to be good.

Responsible parents are expected to provide their children with healthy food and care of their health, both physical and psychological, because the child who is brought up in harmony will be the good member of the society in future. Finally, responsible parents are obliged to bring up the obedient child who will respect other people and obey the laws and work for the development of the society.

Responsible parenthood is an important topic, because not only children must be good and obedient, but parents also have a range of duties concerning their children. If one wants to research the topic of responsible parenthood, he should study the question from all sides, because the problem touches upon all the aspects of human life. A parent is considered to be the universal teacher who will need to teach his child the most essential basics which will help it exist in the human society well. One should explain the key aspects and principles of responsible parenthood and probably present the techniques and methods which will help parents cope with their duties successfully.

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