Term Paper on Childhood Obesity

Obesity Term Paper:

Childhood obesity is the condition of the human body which possesses such a high weight that it influences health and well-being of a person. Obesity is becoming more and more common problem of the modern civilization because of the changed lifestyle and the lack of the activity.

Obesity causes problems not only for the human body but for her psychological health and children who suffer from obesity are the most vulnerable in this aspect. When a child understands that he is different from the others and when other children abuse him because of his obesity, his psychological well-being will be seriously damaged. The child’s self-esteem and self-consciousness will be hurt. Moreover, childhood obesity has a negative impact on health.

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For example, there is a risk of heart diseases, diabetes, etc. Children suffer from obesity because of various factors. First of all, it depends from the lifestyle. If a child spends most of his time watching TV or playing computer games and faces lack of physical activity, he has the risk of gaining extra weight.

Then, obesity is caused by the unbalanced food consuming and the consuming of unhealthy food. Modern parents are too busy to devote time to cooking, so their children have to consume fast food during breaks at school and even at home. So, the combination of fast food and poor activity will lead the child to obesity. Finally, there is a risk of obesity if it is a genetic problem. If parents or someone in the family suffered from obesity, the child will probably fall ill with this disease.

Childhood obesity is a serious problem nowadays, because more than a half of the children of the developed countries suffer from it and it is important to defeat this problem once for all. A successful childhood obesity term paper should be interesting, informative, logical and up-to-date.

A student should explain the origin of childhood obesity; realize its reason and its effect on the human body and soul. One should analyze childhood obesity from the point of view of different disciplines: sociology, psychology, health care, etc. A student should present the methods which are effective enough to cope with childhood obesity and illustrate his knowledge to the professor.

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