How to force yourself to seriously study – Term Paper

Humans have varied capabilities that enrich the world based on Gardner`s 1983 theory of multiple intelligence which are developed in school where basic knowledge is obtained. But a fact exist where instead of nurturing potentials, some schools remain the same old worksheettextbook teaching style which could limit the development of individual capabilities. If this is the case, the probability of difficulty in the studying phase is possible as there exist the multiple intelligence where there is a time interval of comprehension depending on the intelligence acquired. As observed in school, there is no such thing as average to no good students. It is just that the lessons presented were not able to reach and develop the capability of an individual. Considering this fact, when a certain intelligence type considers a lesson difficult may result to either diligent studying or disinterest. In the case of disinterest, there is a little to no perseverance at all, this is where the notion of average to no good students comes in. To counter this struggle, the Study While You Play Approach will enable studying mode on lessons an individual has difficulty comprehending.

Disinterest towards a lesson is normal considering the multiple intelligence theory but studying is inevitable since there is a need to understand a lesson to grasp an entire course of study. This approach is an effective way to get an individual to study without forcing himself to do so. Studying with force will just stress out the brain and makes it even more difficult to get the lessons in to memory. From the phrase itself, While You Play, the study time is incorporated into the daily activities done by an individual. To do that, one must spare at least 10 minutes to scan and review previous lessons. Whatever is read during that first 10 minutes should be the things recalled by the individual when guilt comes during procrastination. During the process of recall there is a probability of forgetting some details and here comes the urge to remember it again. This will unconsciously force the individual to once again scan the handouts or ask somebody whom he knew has knowledge or can help solve what he is trying to remember. This eagerness to remember is human nature that cannot be shunned by other factors therefore finding ways to remember. The option of choosing handouts or researching is more likely than merely asking somebody for accuracy, with this, the individual will be able to gather another learning without forcing himself to study. After this stage, spare another 10 minutes to do the same scanning and recalling process until such time, everything is familiarized.

Making oneself study is the hardest phase a disinterested individual needs to overcome and this approach simplifies the struggle especially for lessons that include memorization though it is not effective with numbers except if it is merely addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division of numbers where the average brain can process without using a piece of paper, this approach is proven effective. Instead of just feeling the guilt of not studying, try this simple technique and see the result.

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