My techniques to making oneself study – Term Paper

Have you ever told someone that you have a test or exam coming up and then they start to tell you their opinion on how you should study? As students we are all quite familiar with this scenario and nod politely as the person informs us that we should be studying a ridiculous amount of time each day and this particular way as well as performing extra-curricular activities and maintaining a social life- albeit a very small one. When it comes to studying there are a multitude of different techniques that you could use that will supposedly help you to achieve those elusive high marks, however, this essay will look at the techniques that I use to make myself study. 

We live in a fast-paced society where we receive results from actions instantaneously; we send a text message and get a reply seconds later or order a meal from a fast-food restaurant and have it in a few minutes. And yet with all of this we are expected to be able to sit and study for hours. To help make myself study I break down my study into half hour breaks with a five minute break in between to reward myself. This means that studying does not seem so daunting because it is divided into manageable chunks. I try to study a range of different subjects and alternate subjects that I enjoy with subjects that I do not enjoy which helps to make studying easier and to make sure that I do study. I also make myself study by being aware of how I learn best. As I am a visual learner I try to make my study interesting by using colours and creating mind maps or diagrams. Another way that I make myself study is by having time restrictions.

When you are studying it can be easy to feel like you have to spend all day studying, however, I have found that one way to make myself study is to allow time for other things if I achieve the amount of study I needed to for that day. I often reward myself with activities for example these activities might include going for a walk in the evening, reading a book, cooking dinner, or seeing friends. This helps me to make sure that I get the study done that I need to each day and to not procrastinate during the day as I know that I will have to spend more time studying at night to catch up and miss out on my reward. I try to get the majority of study done at times that I know I concentrate well to make my study more effective. I try to study between nine in the morning till nine at night as I find that any earlier or later I have difficulty concentrating and do not study well. However, other people may find early in the morning or late at night the best time for studying for them.

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In conclusion, there are many different ways to study and help make oneself study. Spending short periods of time studying, alternating subjects, rewarding myself, and studying during a specific timeframe helps me to make myself study. However, it is important to find what works best for you as each of us are different and have different preferences. The way to learn this is often through trial and error and is an on-going process, I am still learning the best way to make myself study and believe it is something that comes with experience and practice.