Study Abroad Personal Statement Sample – Term Paper

Study abroad essay example

Australia is among the very few countries that stand out as the most popular destinations with international students. Not only is the country’s education system excellent, but the people are also friendly, and nature is laid back and stable. Graduates from Australian institutions of higher learning are highly sought after because of the strong global reputation of Australia’s education system, a fact that has always motivated me to study in the country.

Study abroad statement of purpose sample

Having already completed my undergraduate studies, I believe Australia is the perfect destination to pursue my postgraduate studies. The country’s student population is diverse, meaning that I will be able to freely interact with others from different cultural backgrounds and learn from them. The Australia’s economic and social environment is very stable, implying that students are able to pursue their education freely and comfortably without fear of socio-economic disruptions. I am in a strong financial position, meaning that I will not have to apply for a scholarship or do part-time jobs. My choice of Australia is also motivated by the fact that its institutions of higher education have a variety of post-graduate programs on offer, implying that it is easy for international students to identify the fields as well as universities that best fit them.

Getting my post-graduate degree from an Australian university will make me more competitive at the global level of the job market. My intentions are to stay in the country only for the period of studying there after which I will make a decision on where to further pursue my career. I would love to work in Australia, but this would be on a legal work permit and only after I have completed the post-graduate program.

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