Criminal law – Term Paper

Lawsuit for murder

The Man Who Wins Murder Case and Killed Minutes after Getting Freed

Kamara Belmont was sued for death. He was charged with robbing someone and killing him. Later, he stole another and shot the victim again altogether. This event that happened earlier in 2015 is quite shocking. At the end of January 2016, the county prosecutor, Mr. Cook, dropped all the murder charges. This gave the accused too much time to plead not guilty,’ against the state’s trail statutes. Judicial systems are therefore unaccountable and corrupt. This is because all the evidence available pointed towards the fact that the alleged killer was guilty and deserved punishment according to the Constitution. It is also quite evident that while the charges remained, the accused was released on a bond clause of only ten thousand dollars, instead of one hundred thousand dollars. The last fact that proves unaccountability is the delayed court proceedings.

When Belmont shot the second victim, he did not die immediately; he died later in the hospital. It is as a result of this fact that the victim’s family filed a case against Belmont after thorough investigations and coming up with concrete evidence pointing Belmont as the murderer. The judicial system is expected to scrutinize the pieces of evidence provided and to give sound judgment in agreement with the Constitution of the land. However, Mr. Cook disapproved the pieces of evidence as insufficient to support the fact that Belmont is guilty. What more would he have needed, then, to prove the guilt of the accused if not witnesses, surveillance camera footages and the body of the victim itself?

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Secondly, the accused was released on a bond worth ten thousand U.S dollars. When the constitution clearly states that the bond clause should be one hundred thousand dollars, while the case is still on hearing. Mr. Cook is, therefore, a clear indication that the judicial system of the land is corrupt and unaccountable. The system happens to be breaching the constitutional rights of everyday citizens in the expense of the wealthy. Corruption is, therefore, a factor that has led to injustice and increased the number of crimes in the society. This is quite evident because Belmont happened to have killed to victims in his errands of stealing. However, after the end of the hearing session, Mr. Belmont was also shot in the vehicle that was supposed to escort him to his apartments. Though tragic, this clearly illustrates the level of unruliness in a society where the law does not apply to particular categories of individuals.

An importance of;the legal system

Lastly, the court delayed the hearing process. The period of the trial took longer than expected. As a result, the case was ultimately tampered with. The Constitution requires cases of murder to be heard swiftly and keenly. Since murder is an act that deprives a fellow citizen the right to live, such cases are always sensitive and would require the prosecutor to be vigilant. In our case, Mr. Cook was slow to hearing the case. He, therefore, didn’t portray competence and acted against the judicial code of ethics.

The legal system is the crusader of peace and law. It is charged with ensuring that justice prevails each and every time. However, the case of Belmont is entirely different. The system showed the lack of integrity and practices of injustice. As a result, a state of lawlessness and increased levels of insecurity are witnessed in the society. All the same, it is quite clear that uncertainty levels would predict the economic status of a particular country. We would, therefore, expect the country with such an eroded system to have soaring levels of economic inflations.


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