Term Paper on Workforce Diversity

diversity is the practice of employment of the people of various cultural views, sexual orientation, race and religious views and physical abilities in order to give everyone the opportunity to receive job and reveal his potential.

It is obvious that the world has been living in constant discrimination of the certain categories of people. For example, people are discriminated on the basis of the their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religious views and the most tragic way of discrimination is the deprivation of work. Everyone has the right to receive the job he wants in spite of the views and appearance.

Unfortunately, there has always been prejudice that someone is better than the other because of the different appearance, gender, age, religion, etc and nowadays the situation is becoming different. With the development of the democratic society people of all races, gender, age and cultural and religious views have the equal chances to find a job. Furthermore, developed countries practise the policy of workforce diversity which is supposed to introduce variety into the working staff.

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For example, if the staff consists of the male employees, female employees are introduced there; or if the staff consists on the absolutely healthy employees, a few disabled people are introduced into the staff. Such changes are very positive for the working atmosphere and the development of the humane feelings and understanding. If one is surrounded by absolutely different people, he starts to respect and tolerate them improving his own culture with their help and sharing his knowledge and experience with them.

Workforce diversity is not only the humane practice, but the beneficial policy for every employer, because the government maintains workforce diversity with grants and lowered taxing of business.

In order to earn money many employers recruit different employees diverse their staff cardinally. Of course, the issue has numerous positive and negative sides, especially the productiveness of work and the student is expected to research the problem objectively and touch upon every essential detail. One should explain the meaning of workforce diversity, illustrate a few examples of this policy, present the advantages and disadvantages of this practice and predict whether this practice remain popular in future.

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