Term Paper on Doppler Effect

Effect Term Paper:

Doppler effect is the change of frequency and length of the waves registered by the receiver which depends on the move of their source or the move of the receiver. The effect was first noticed and explained by the Austrian scientist Christian Doppler in 1842. Doppler effect is easy for observation on practice, when not far from the observer drives a car with the siren turned on. The siren produces a certain permanent tone which does not change.

When the car does not move, the observer hears the very tone the siren produces, but when the car is approaching towards the observer, the frequency of the sound waves will increase. Moreover, the listener will hear much higher tone of the sound than the siren produces in the reality. At the moment when the car is driving close to the observer, he will hear the real tone of the siren’s sound.

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When the car drives from the observer, the frequency of the sound waves will decrease and he will hear the lower tone. One should pay attention to the move of the source and receiver relatively to the environment if he investigates the spread of waves (for example, sound) in a certain environment. On the other hand, for the electromagnetic radiation (for example, light), for the spread of which the environment is not necessary, the relative move of the observer and receiver in vacuum only has sense.

When there is an assignment to prepare a Doppler effect term paper, a student will have to do his best to investigate the effect from all sides and explain it professionally. In order to cope with the term paper successfully, a student should read about the effect a lot and understand it well. one is supposed to explain the meaning of the term, present the importance of this effect, describe its nature, etc. Then, a student should introduce the historical background into the paper and inform about Christian Doppler and the moment when he discovered and described the effect. Furthermore, a student should present the use of Doppler effect in different spheres (physics, astronomy, production of the alarm systems, etc.).

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