Term Paper on Ultrasonic Waves

waves are the waves which are produced beyond the level of the human ear perception. This means that the human ear, which perceives the sound waves lower than 20000 hertz, is unable to hear these ultrasonic waves, as they are higher than 20000 hertz. People learnt about ultrasonic waves long ago but they did not know how to use them practically. They heard or knew about ultrasound from the natural phenomena (wind, the power of the sea, rain, waterfalls, etc) and the communication of various animals. People observed that some animals communicated with one another in a particular way which differs greatly from the regular sounds the human ear can hear. The hypothesis was that the animal’s ear is more developed and sensible towards the sounds existing in nature and the list of such animals is quite long: whales, dolphins, mice, bats, etc. Nowadays, scientists have learnt how to apply ultrasonic waves on practice, mainly in physics, chemistry, medicine, biology, engineering, etc.

For example, ultrasonic waves are used to cut metal and other objects in industry; to clean the details from dust and other wastes during production and even in swaging. Speaking about healthcare ultrasound is extremely useful there, because with its help it is possible to monitor the processes in the organism and the condition of the organs without X-raying, which is harmful for health. Healthcare providers use ultrasound to observe the tissues of the organism in order to detect certain diseases or to check the condition of the fetus in the mother’s womb. Ultrasonic waves are also applied in selection of the new plants for the improvement of agriculture. The waves alter the DNA of the plant making the modified culture possessing the required qualities.

Ultrasonic waves play the important role in nature and in the human activity and it is useful to know about this phenomenon more. The student who is writing ultrasonic waves term paper is supposed to learn about the origin and aspects of the waves, their application and use in the natural environment. One should observe the topic from the physical point of view and explain how ultrasonic waves influence the life on the planet and help people in their activity. One is able to evaluate the relevance of the problem and predict the further development of the technologies using ultrasound and its advantages.

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