To study or not to study that is the question – Term Paper

I`ve often found that there are three major types of people when it comes to studying; those whose noses are always stuck in a book, those who cram last minute and those who are back and forth between the latter two. As a member of the nose in book club I can say I have done fairly well academically. But no matter the group you are in here are a few tips to help motivate you to study. 

It`s all about ambience. Find a space that allows you to study with ease and with minimum distractions such as the library or a cafe. It should be a space you enjoy and like coming back to.

Relax. Stress can make it very hard to concentrate so take a minute to unwind before studying. A relaxation routine is the way to. For me that`s putting on my study sweats.

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Find someone who knows. If you don`t understand something there is no shame in asking someone else who does know. Personally, I find that I am more motivated and enjoy studying more when I can actually grasp the concepts.

Make it a group thing.  Some people work better in social settings. Study groups give you the opportunity to bounce ideas off of your peers, get assistance with assignments and your peers can motivate you to continue studying when you want to quit. Just beware that it doesn`t turn into a hangout session.

Take breaks. Take breaks between long study sessions. You will be more likely to study better when you set time limits. Don`t take too long of a break however, or it will be hard to return to your studies.

Don`t cram. Spread out your studying over time; you will retain more information. Plus you will be more likely to study because you won`t associate studying with stressful cram sessions.

Feed your brain. If your body can`t run on empty, neither can your brain. Make sure you fuel up on healthy brain foods and drink plenty of water. They will help give you that extra burst of energy.

Treat yourself. Rewarding yourself for your study discipline can be a great motivator. Treat yourself to an ice cream sandwich or a movie after you finish a paper. Remember though, rewards should never serve as a crutch. Seek to learn because you want to and not just because you`ll be rewarded; this is much more fulfilling.

Apply it to life. See life as a continuous learning opportunity; you will always be learning something new. And the study skills you learn now will most likely be the ones you take with you on this journey that we call life. So learn some good habits now. It`s not always easy but it`s always worth it.

Know your future goals and learn from the past. I think about my future goals and remember the reason why I study hard now is so I can reach those goals. I also look back on the times where I didn`t study as I should and didn`t do so well. And I`m motivated not to make the same mistakes again.

Everyone is different, with different wants and needs so I am in no way saying that this list is an exhausted one. However, I can say that these tips have and continue to motivate me when it comes to hitting the books. And I hope that they come in handy for you at your next study session.