Term Paper on Energy Crisis in Pakistan

Crisis in Pakistan Term Paper:

Energy crisis is the urgent problem all over the world, because the resources people use for their needs will be exhausted very soon. Generally, energy crisis is associated with the lack of oil and gas, because these resources are used for the production of energy. The majority of the countries realize the consequences of the energy crisis, so they try to develop the alternative sources of energy to avoid the energy collapse. The alternative renewable sources of energy not only solve the problem of energy supply but reduce the impact of pollution, because for example, wind and solar energy do not contaminate air, water or soil. Pakistan suffers from energy crisis as well, and there are many reasons predetermining this fact.

First of all, the energy policy of the country is not reasonable and it causes problems. Instead of usage coal for the production of energy, which is located in Pakistan in enormous quantities, the country uses expensive oil and gas. It is obvious that one should safe oil and gas for more important purposes than wasting it on energy (the majority of the countries of the world use only a few percents of oil for the production of energy) and use cheaper resources like coal. Then, Pakistan is a developing country, so there are the problems with equipment and machinery which prevents the waste of energy during its production. Next, the country does not use the renewable energy which is cheaper and safer wasting much money on the expensive oil, although there is a potential for the development of wind and water energy.

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Naturally, the energy crisis of Pakistan is the result of the careless policy of the government which can not or does not want to manage the resources available for the country reasonably. In order to complete a well-organized energy crisis in Pakistan term paper a student should spend much time to research the topic well. One will need to analyze the problem from all sides and from the point of view of various spheres. It is important to analyse the energy policy of Pakistan and find out what is done wrongly and how the situation can be improved. A student should suggest some effective methods and solutions to the crisis to demonstrate knowledge and professional skills.

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