My techniques to making myself study – Term Paper

Another tedious academic day has just come to an end. The study materials are scattered in the table and in the center, there is a bulky book that needs to be digested.  

I begin with an interesting chapter and it does give me an amazing start, but as the clock ticks, the study session starts getting more and more monotonous. However, I do not quit, I just take a break and again get hooked with my books. So, does that mean I am too studious or brilliant? Not at all. It`s just that I have a little secret that gets me moving. Something without knowing which my study session used to end unproductively with a nap.

Honestly speaking, the voyage of my improvement commenced right after I began focusing more upon the root cause of my problem rather than upon the symptoms. And there are a myriad of students across the world who too are facing the same problem. We are mistaking the symptoms like laziness as the root cause while ignoring the fact that lack of inspiration and interest are  the sole reasons , distracting us from our roadway to success. After all, we do need any schedules to do our hobbies or to stay up late at night to watch our favorite TV show.

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The actionable advices that we get in the internet with regards to improving our concentration and  preparing study schedules will lead us to somewhere but unless and until we, ourselves are able to program our minds to perform the task, our productivity will never meet our aspirations. That means that the real solution to our problem lies in inculcating the desire to study after doing which, no boulders will be sturdy enough to block our way.

Yes, inquisitiveness makes it easier for us in mastering our favorite subjects and inculcates within us the zest to study hard, so in that case there is not a big problem. However, most of the time we come across mandatory chapters that are beyond our interest and getting across which is really a herculean task.

Personally, I come from a nation where education yet remains as a luxury, where students have to climb across hills to reach their schools and like any other parents, my parents too have sacrificed a lot to help me get enrolled in a good educational institution. The memories of my father putting in a lot of effort to foster my learning  is still fresh in my head. A strong vibe gets down my nerves very time I recollect them which motivates me to study even harder at least for the sake of my parents.

Another infinite source of  inspiration is my great dream for my nation as well as for myself. The very moment I feel like giving up, I dream of the person I will become, if I remain dedicated, I begin to envisage how I could contribute in building my nation. This makes me feel wonderful, further enabling me to concentrate better. The delightfulness rejuvenates the tiredness of my body and thoughts, creating a pleasurable environment for self-study.

To sum up, the most pragmatic and effective way to remain motivated is to have a big reason to study hard. The reason might vary from person to person so we all need to find out our own big reasons to study, be it our goals, our parent`s sacrifices or the gratefulness for being educated in a world where learning still is a distant dream for many.