Criminal Justice Term Paper

Paper on Criminal Justice:

Criminal justice is the set of the punishments which are practised towards the person who has committed a crime. In other words criminal justice is the social consequence of the committed crime.

Criminal justice is turned into practise due to the law system of the country. Every country has its own types and terms of punishments for the different crimes, but there are so called human rights which can not be broken anywhere in the world without the consequence of punishment. The country is responsible for the health, safety and security of its people, so a set of punishments has been created to maintain peace in the country and protect human rights. Criminal justice is one of the oldest branches of law, because since the time immemorial people have been committing crimes and various types of punishment have been brainstormed.

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It is obvious that if one commits a crime, he should be punished and today there are several approaches towards the purpose of punishment. First of all, punishment is the reaction of the state to the committed crime and this reaction can have two aims. The first one is aimed at the restriction of the freedom and rights of the criminal. As a result every one knows that he will be punished for the illegal actions and is afraid of committing a crime. The second approach towards the aim of punishment is a psychological one. It is aimed at the alteration of the criminal’s character and behaviour and looks like a type of education or bringing up of the humane traits of character and adaptation of the person to the regular life in the society.

Criminal justice is one of the most important factors which protect people from crimes. The set of punishments stops people who want to commit a crime and makes them think twice before doing something illegal. If one wants to complete a successful criminal justice term paper, he will need to read about the topic much. The paper should include interesting, informative and trustworthy content and explain the problem of criminal justice in detail. One should present the principles, strong and weak sides and the value of the criminal justice for the humanity.

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