Term Paper on Hate Crimes

Crimes Term Paper:

Hate crimes is the special branch of crimes, known as offense against the person, which are committed by an individual under the effect of hate towards the representatives of the different race, nationality, ethnicity, the bearers of the different religious and political views, different gender and sexual orientation.

Hate crimes exist in the system of crime and law in the USA, New Zealand and several countries of Europe. Of course, there are many US states which do not have the category of hate crimes, but the judges take into consideration the motives of the crime and the attitude of the criminal towards the victim (for example, it is easy to detect the hate towards the representatives of another religion or ethnicity). Such crimes are supposed to be very violent and as a result the punishment is also serious. Very often hate crimes are punished more strictly than the common crimes of the same type.

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For example, if the criminal has murdered someone because of money or property, he will be punished less strictly, than for the murder of the person belonging to the different race or the one possessing different religious views. The punishment is stricter in order to develop tolerance and defeat all the prejudices connected with the inequality of people. Some countries, which still practise capital punishment (for example, the US) can apply this punishment for the hate criminals.

In spite of the rapid development of the democratic society, the number of hate crimes is still very high and it is quite difficult to control the situation and the only way out is to punish such criminals strictly.

Hate crimes are the types of crimes which are committed on the basis of the belief that people are not equal and such crimes are punished seriously in order to change the mind of the criminals of this kind. Studying the topic on hate crimes the student is expected to learn about the issue a lot and define the factors which cause these crimes. One is supposed to explain the motives of the hate crimes, their consequences, the types of punishments, the geography of the crimes and suggest the methods which can be helpful to solve this problem once for all.

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