Term Paper on Child Labour

Labour Term Paper:

Child labour is the involvement of children into the process of full­time work. Nowadays, child labour is considered to be the illegal type of exploitation and a type of forced labour, because many children work without their own will. Years ago child labour was used widely and was treated like a regular process, but after the creation of various concepts of children’s rights the rate of use of child labour began to reduce. Today the only legal cases of the use of child labour are connected with art and show business (cinema, theatre, singing, etc.). Unfortunately, children are often involved into the illegal activities and crime. Very often children are involved into the sphere of pornography and prostitution. In some African countries children are made to take the active part in the military operations, they are given weapon and forced to fight. UNO explains child labour as an illegal forced labour which causes harm to the child’s physical and psychological health and deprives children of the chance to get education and self- development.

Child labour can be explained like the result of poverty and low level of the development of the society. One of the most obvious reasons is the necessity to work in order to support their own life and the life of the family members. The fact of the existence of child labour also depends on the parents, who make their children work hard and on the traditions of the country and family.

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For example, many parents think that child labour influences the character and skills of their child positively; in some families family business is inherited and a child has to start working early to gain the appropriate skills, etc.

The problem of child labour is still urgent, because millions of children become the victims of this type of labour every year. It is a tragedy, when children are involved into crime, pornography and prostitution, because they ruin their fate and lose their chance for the successful life. When one is writing a child labour term paper, he will have to read a lot and investigate a lot of its cases.

The paper is expected to explain the origin, factors which cause child labour and the methods which can solve this problem effectively. It is quite obvious that the process of term paper writing causes many problems to students, so they take advantage of the Internet and read free example term papers on child labour in India in order to see the successful paper written by an expert. It is reasonable to read a free sample term paper on child labour in Pakistan and learn something new about the analysis of the problem and the ways of formatting of the paper.