Master's program analysis – Term Paper

Own life experience in study

Life experience has developed and shaped me in many ways as I pursued my course of graduate study. Firstly, when I was eighteen years, I felt that education was not much valuable, and as a result, I dropped out of high school. At a point in life, I felt that I was doing something that had no foreseen benefit considering that I had no measurable ambitions and vision. With time, I developed some interest in education since I realized that I had to climb a higher education ladder than that my parents had set. It was clear in my mind that I was needed to contribute positively to the community, family and also for myself. Therefore, my decision to enroll in a course in the graduate study is personal, which means that I am dedicated to giving it my ability best. All in all, life’s experiences have taught me that nothing good is acquired quickly; hard work, dedication, perseverance, and commitment are the key. 

Work experience has prepared me for the course of study in many ways. My first job experience was not only nasty but also worst. After I had narrated to aunt what I was going through, she was compassionate with me. She told me that to avoid any further frustrations I needed to decide on the best way forward. She believed that I had many options at my disposal. However, the most viable were to invest in me by pursuing a marketable course. Without wasting any time I enrolled for GED course and with applications of some efforts I passed the exams after two attempts. Afterward, I went to Community College and enrolled in some classes that I found far much complicated since I was not used for continuous and involving learning in high school. Nonetheless, I believed that the challenges I faced were meant to shape and impact my life positively as a matter for preparedness for the course. Also, during the time I was pursuing my Bachelor’s degree, I gradually developed interest and passion over security and how it works about networking. This interest inspired my choice for specialization in Computer Security in my course. In my current job, I am exposed to relevant experience as required even in a more competitive work situation. For example, we have faced challenges relating to data insecurity, and therefore, I have realized the importance of studying data management in my course. Time management and socialization skills that I have learned have prepared me on many occasions. I believe I will be able to attend classes, complete research, and assignments on time. 

I will also be in a position to interact efficiently and involve in discussions with my peers. 

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Long-term goals in education

I believe that I have the best experiences and skills that are necessary to the school’s learning environment. I have had a situation where data were hacked, a challenge that is continuously facing most organizations and individuals. Since I have seen the effect of data insecurity, I believe this will be a great motivator and influences in the learning space. Besides, I want to discover the main reason why there are many cases of data insecurity and such interest will enable me to cope, grasp and understand the concepts easily. Also, I am interested in finding out workable solutions necessary to deal with such challenges. The challenges that I have faced will act as a source of my motivator while undertaking my studies. To conclude with, I am interested in developing and sharpening skills related to computer security. 

There are different goals that I aim to realize in the graduate education. Firstly, looking at various changes happening in the field of technology, it is important to develop and implement learning strategies necessary to cope with the ever-changing field of information management. This will be a step towards realizing an environment where people recognize the need for safe management and handling of data in various Department. Secondly, I will ensure that people are aware of the risks associated with data mismanagement and the effects associated. For example, poor data management could lead to monetary loss, where private banks account details such as disclosure of Automated Teller Machine pins happens. I will ensure people recognize the need for secure keeping of their data. Also, apart from learning and comprehending the changes experienced in the information sector, I also aim to accomplish the best in the graduate class. By this, I mean that I want to achieve what I started and subsequently get awards of the best students at this level. The associated long-term goals are getting a doctorate scholarship so that I can become a complete specialist and professional in the field of Data Management and Information Security. Therefore, given an opportunity to study for a master’s program, I will work hard to achieve such goals and consequently realize personal objectives/. I hope and believe that I will get this opportunity.