Medical Sociology Term Paper

Paper in Medical Sociology:

Medical sociology is the branch of sociology which studies the terms of health and illness and the human behaviour in the sphere of healthcare. It is a discipline about the formation of the values of the society concerning the issues of health, diseases, medicine and healthcare services and prevention of diseases. Medical sociology has a complicated structure and it consists of several branches, such as the sociology of medical professions, sociology of diseases and patient’s behaviour, sociology of healthcare institutions and healthcare management. Evidently, the sphere of healthcare can be observed form the point of view of sociology, because it is possible to define the most popular medical professions, the geography of various diseases and epidemics, the types of healthcare services and their quality from country to country analyzing different societies and cultures.

The roots of medical sociology can be found in Great Britain, Germany and France of the 18th century. Of course, these issues were at first observed in the field of anthropology. Due to the French Revolution and its ideas the concept of social health was generated and scholars started observing the problem of healthcare in the relation of social classes, gender, geography, etc. Since that time for more than two centuries medical sociology was studied in the field of epidemiology just as the integral part of the discipline about the geography and social aspects of epidemics and spread of various diseases. As a separate discipline medical sociology originated only in the middle of the 20th century in the USA as a subject for the students who study medicine.

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Medical sociology is the complex discipline which pays attention to the issues on diseases, health and the human behaviour and attitude towards health and illnesses. The student who is asked to compose a good term paper about medical sociology is supposed to observe the problem in detail and dwell on the history of the discipline, the methodology, the branches of medical sociology, its relevance in the human society and its importance for the representatives of healthcare service. The student has to observe the structure of the healthcare social institutes, their purpose, codex, rules, organization, functions, status and roles of doctors and patients there.

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