Molecular machines research – Term Paper

There are various questions that scientists need to address in the next decade and one of them is the development of mechanical machines, this is an idea that was developed by Darwin in the book Darwin’s Black Box. The idea of molecular machines has also been the topic of discussion for Michael Behe where posits that such would require different parts of the organism before it could function properly. He takes the example of bacterial flagellum which functions the same way as an outboard motor on bacteria to help bacteria find food by helping it to flow through fluids. Such an organism has a similar structure as motors made by humans and such a machine is expected to operate the same way as electric motor does. The components of such an organism also represents the common components present in mechanical electric motor such as a rotor, u-joint, stator, clutch and a brake, all which are familiar to engineers proving the need to develop the idea for the benefit of the modern society.  

The idea of developing molecular machines would be of great importance to the modern society and one reason is that it could help in providing a very high energetic efficiency, biologists proves that such a machine could be more powerful than any machine that has ever been produced by mankind. Such relates to the fact that the efficiency of bacterial flagellum is 100 percent which exceeds the efficiency of all machines in the modern society. Such a machine would be of great importance to the bacteria to find food much faster and help in faster growth and development of the same. Despite the case of bacterium flagella, biologists have discovered a number of machines in yeast which have proven to be having a very high speed, elegance, sophistication and highly organized activity. Furthermore, the molecular machines that are discussion for development are seen to be more marvelous and remarkable making them the in-thing for research in the next decade. 

There is, therefore, the need for scientists to carry out research on the biology and physiology behind the build-up of molecular machines and how they can be employed in the field of biological sciences. In this case, scientists should examine how they can be employed in biotechnology to help in the production of drugs and help in the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness in eth processes of production of drugs and the relevant technologies employed in the treatment of modern-day diseases. Besides researching on molecular machines, scientists also need to take initiatives in researching on the protein parts that are used in building molecular machines and how to improve such to make the machines more effective and powerful. Finally, molecular machines need to go through mutations in their protein parts proving the need to take in-depth research on the multiple and simultaneous mutations required to generate the molecular machines.    

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