Most Valuable Attributes of College Education – Term Paper

A huge percentage of jobs in the US require people with college degrees. Unlike the past, when companies would hire many lowly educated employees, human resource managers are now focusing on recruiting well college based graduates. This trend has raised the demand for college education all over, across the globe as everyone strives to earn relevant certificates. Middle and higher level colleges have also mushroomed in different towns, cities and neighborhoods to fill the gap of college education. But what are the most valuable attributes of college education? In trying to answer this question, this essay establishes that college education imparts social, practical and problem-solving skills.

The most vital attribute of college education is the impartation of practical skills. In fact, employers started seeking for college educated staffs due to the perception that they were well prepared for the corporate world. The depth of knowledge that people gain through college prepares them for the practical world. This is enhanced by programs such as internships and volunteering activities. A college student also goes through several practical case studies that set them read for actual practice. Such studies give them the knowledge of what other people have done and either failed or succeeded, hence preparing them to handle similar situations in the future.

College education teaches essential social life skills to students. As much as many people simply go to college to earn a degree, it is important to realize that the world needs people who can create a real change. This can only be made possible through socializing to understand the needs of the society before setting to solve them. College students get exposed to numerous interacting opportunities through their school mates as well as intercollegiate activities. They also learn relationship building skills, which later help them in life. Group work, for example, is one of the activities that are aimed at teaching students how to relate and work with different personalities to achieve a certain goal. Such skills are necessary since they teach one to mingle with society members, as well as work with people of different individualities in the workplace.

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Lastly, college education develops and enhances problem-solving skills among students. Technology has eliminated the need for hiring people in simple clerical positions. With the advent of computers, many employees handle all their clerical work without having to hire assistants. Companies process all their work using sophisticated technologies. This means that there are only complex problem-solving jobs in the current work market. College students handle a lot of assignments under pressure, and this teaches them planning and organization experience, which is very essential in the modern marketplace. College education

Any college student will affirm that there is a lot to learn in college. Human resource managers are right to focus on hiring college as opposed to high school graduates. Social skills, especially building relationships are necessary in the modern world. The workplace also requires people who understand teamwork and interpersonal skills. Additionally, the level of competitiveness in the modern world is creating a need for hiring people who can solve problems and offer real solutions. These are the attributes that one gains from college education. Needless to say, college education has many good attributes, but interpersonal skills, practical and problems solving skills are the most important. Everyone who seeks to become competitive, creative and learn sophisticated problem solving should consider college education.