Mr MK1 Foss – Term Paper

My name is MK1 Foss. I am a first class machinery technician who has served active duty for 14.5 years. I am a skilled diesel mechanic and trusted shipmate. As a coast guardsman, I have logged thousands of sorties, saved multiple lives, and foiled illegal consignments of narcotics from entering our country. As a skilled machinery technician, I have maintained our military fleet through directly involved in many busy days and nights restoring the fleet, maintaining, and operating so we can protect our country and serve our citizens. As a shipmate, I have mentored, trained and advised hundreds of fellow members always giving back what was taught to me. I am proud of my accomplishments and to call myself a coast guardsman.  I have served diligently and honorably. The challenges and opportunities that my work as a coast guard have shaped my personality thus my unwavering eternal gratefulness.   

I am fully aware of the seriousness that this alcohol incident occurs hence my deep sorrow. However, I object the course of action through which the issue would be addressed. My objection is supported by the fact that there are alternative ways through which roper investigation into the matter could be accomplished. I underscore these statements with utmost respect of the commands decision, what’s best for my unit and the Coast Guard. Based on the enormity of what lies ahead and the hardship placed on my family and myself, I hope that the process will be treated carefully using facts not assumptions of personality.  I cannot undo my past mistakes but have followed through with everything that was asked of me and with the demands I placed on myself for improvement. I have made personal amendments and I am a much stronger person now than ever before. The treatment to which I was subjected provided will last a life time.  I am still a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, attending two to three meetings on a weekly basis. I have found a love for and dedicated my time to photography. My photography is now on multiple websites and I have commercially sold my artistic work. My health has also improved since I exercise regularly leading to a loss of over thirty kilograms. since early 2015. The shedding of this weight has proved to me that I can change and I am ready for long term success. 

I understand that I have waved my rights and this process is moving towards separation. Nonetheless, I wish to continue serving in my beloved coast guard. In my service, I have always gone beyond the general expectations and perform exemplarily in every commitment I undertake. The praises and appreciations for exemplary performances received from the command during my tours are adequate testimonies to my sterling actions and accomplishments. In addition,   I have sacrificed much of my life and family’s life in my dedicated service.  If discharged I such a process to be undertaken honorably. I implore you to grant me the dignity and appreciation that shows my good and respectful service to the country.  I also appeal to you that you may consider a reenlistment code that would allow me to serve in the Selected Reserve (SELRES). My training and experience would go a long way to serve the Coast Guard or any other service as you may feel appropriate.   

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