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Music therapy treatment plan example

As we have seen psychological distress and a reduction in the perception of one’s self-worth are among the most challenging issues around the globe, these conditions can be as a result of diverse factors such as abuse, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, health complications and criminal activities. Evidently enough, not a lot is being done to help those who are suffering from such conditions. However, through my research, it is evident that storytelling and music are a credible and up and coming means to help such patients suffering from any one of the conditions. Therefore, there is a need for collaboration of stakeholders of agencies that have the funding and access to patients who suffer from such conditions, to network with the stakeholders of groups such as Hope by Song that has built up programs that combine the arts of storytelling and music to help those in psychological distress. Through this a strong social network of collaborators can be formed to help set up a collective impact, that can serve the community at large[1].

For groups such as Hope by Song to keep running its program as is, within its small locality of patients it does not require a lot of capital. However, this group being among the leading successful innovators of such treatment methods of psychological disorders it is more essential than that they expand their operations to help even more people. Unfortunately, they are not able to do this alone, whether it’s due to funding or lack of access to patients hence the need for collective impact among the group and diverse agencies. Agencies such as SalusCare, Inc and Sovereign Health are leading behavioral health care clinics in the Florida region. These clinics have multiple patients who suffer from any one, or more psychological distress discussed prior, hence, would be a perfect stakeholder to collaborate with Hope by Song to help their patients undergo new programs of treatment through music and storytelling methods.

Music therapy assessment example

However, it’s not only mentally ill patients that require this type of treatment, but also collaboration from Abuse Counselling and Treatment Inc, who deal with individuals that have suffered many forms of abuse also are a target group of Hope by Song and other groups like it. The groups help, especially in restoring self-worth and self-esteem to victims of abuse, allowing them to tap into their inner being and share through programs that are precisely made for them. In addition, neighborhood accountability boards and restorative justice program such as Florida Restorative Justice Programme who deals with programs by bringing victims, offenders and the community together for reconciliation would be a key addition to such programs of the group Hope by Song, where diverse means of restoring the relationship such as letter writing between victims and offenders helping them both understand what they are going through in the aftermath of the occurrence. This would allow for forgiveness from the victim to offender, which would help to relieve psychological distress.

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However, despite the fact that all these agencies mentioned collaborating and allowing synthesis of programs developed by the stakeholders of Hope by Song group in their treatment plan for those suffering, it would be impossible without promoting community impact through offering volunteer work. The program is based on arts hence, it would require help from people of artistic talents who could help out in the music and storytelling aspect. This would call for, help from students of the Bower School of Music and Arts to engage in community impact since they possess the necessary musical and artistic skills needed, of which many of the patients would lack.

So, through the collaboration of all these entities, a network of collaborator would be formed. This network of collaborators would form the basis or individual and organizational connections that could expand to a collective impact[2], whereby funding for the program through Grantmakers can be realized and partnerships made. Through that, the expansion of the program would be capable of growing from the state of Florida to a worldwide foundation that helps to solve one of the most challenging issues around the globe.

Music therapy essay conclusion

Storytelling through creative arts as a form of medical intervention proves to be a perfect remedy for any psychological and physical conditions. Storytelling is preferably the tool that transcends age and status between the young and the old where experiences and past experiences may be shared. The sense of belonging that develops helps in stress relief since it occurs in an entertaining environment. The establishment of these approach methodologies helps in the concurrent achievement of a higher sense of self-worth and an effective recovery procedure. Platforms such as the resilience networks enable people to associate with others and establish a recovery community through sharing and achieving a sense of belonging. These platforms collectively help with the physical and emotional recovery, thus greatly impacts on the well-being of the participants.