My academic problem and how i deal with it – Term Paper

Spontaneous mishaps in life seem to be what makes us. After all, we are who we are due to the things that happen to us along the way of life. School is one thing that has happened to me along my way of life, something that I`m still in and will continue to be in as I further my knowledge and prepare myself to be an adult in these upcoming years of my life. I tried preparing myself a little too early when I found out I was pregnant sophomore year. Getting pregnant wasn`t an academic problem, but being out of school for two months and then forcing myself back into school after having a baby was the academic issue that I have proudly overcome.

After the realization hit, I realized that I had priorities that needed to be met, and impressions that I couldn`t have destroyed by my peers and teachers if they found out I was pregnant. I decided not to tell anyone until I had finished my first semester, I didn`t have to, I never weighed over 110 pounds and I wasn`t showing until seven months. I battled that semester subconsciously worrying about the baby in my stomach, a distant boyfriend, school, and parents that would soon hear their worst nightmare come true.    

I finished my first semester and passed all my exams as I usually do. I was forced to tell my parents because I knew I needed help. Throughout that semester, I had created a love that I never knew existed, kick after kick, they never got old and I continued to fall more in love with someone I didn`t even know. After I told my parents the heartbreaking news and had went to the doctors, it was time for an action plan. My parents were livid, their trust was gone and they wanted the easiest way out. I refused to have an abortion so my parents explained that they would guide me with an adoption, otherwise, I was getting kicked out of my house and alone, and pregnant, on the streets. I let my options sink in for a week or so and decided that as hard as adoption would be, it was the best option for the both of us. 

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Placing my daughter for adoption was the hardest thing I ever hope to do, I am at a happy place with the adoption of Nora and constantly receive updates and keep I touch with her family and will one day hope to have a relationship with her. My parents wanted me to do virtual school because it took weeks to recover, mentally and physically from the pregnancy. I was determined to go back to my public school, and I did. Walking those halls and seeing my ex-boyfriend who wasn`t there and having to make excuses as to why I was gone for two months was the academic issue that I have overcome. But that was where I had gone, not there I was going. I made up two months of college, honors, and high school classes when people just wanted to know where I had gone. I have given my all to school because it seems to be the one thing that adequately reflects me as a person. I work hard for my grades and my acceptance letter will prove that.