Nursing.Athma case – Juanita – Term Paper

From the information provided about Juanita’s background, she seems to come from a humble background. She lives with her mother, grandmother and another sibling in a low-income housing which is likely overcrowded. Low-income housing is often associated with poor ventilation and poor sanitation (Lewis, Sheringham, Bernal, & Crayford, 2014), factors which could fuel her asthma condition. Juanita’s family might be ill-skilled in ways to manage her condition, and that could be the reason her condition is worsening. Juanita and her family need to be informed and educated on how to manage asthma. The education plan could help them to make drastic changes that could favor Juanita and manage or cure her condition. Living in a more aerated and clean environment free from allergens could reduce her vulnerability to asthma attacks (Dannenberg, Frumkin, & Jackson, 2012). However, the education plan, however good it might be, its efficacy is undermined by socio-economic factors like housing to manage the disease. If she lives in low-income housing, it is very likely that it is stuffy and poorly ventilated forming the right conditions for the development of asthma.

She can be encouraged to exercise more to reduce chances of asthma attacks and increase blood and air flow to her lungs (Carlsen, Delgado, & Giacco, 2005). She should also be advised to take her medication promptly to ward off asthma-related attacks. She should be advised to live in well-ventilated areas free from dust and other allergens that might trigger asthma attacks. She should also be encouraged to visit health facilities and know the status of her condition. Her caregivers should also be educated on how to help her manage her condition. She should be warned about getting close to smokers, and if she lives with a smoker, she should either move, or the smoker discouraged from smoking in her presence.

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